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Most Cited Articles - 2000-2009

Block-iterative frequency-domain methods for Maxwell’s equations in a planewave basis
Steven G. Johnson and J. D. Joannopoulos
Opt. Express 8(3) 173-190 (2001)
Total Cites: 1938

Visible continuum generation in air–silica microstructure optical fibers with anomalous dispersion at 800 nm
Jinendra K. Ranka, Robert S. Windeler, and Andrew J. Stentz
Opt. Lett. 25(1) 25-27 (2000)
Total Cites: 1517

Performance of fourier domain vs. time domain optical coherence tomography
R. Leitgeb, C. K. Hitzenberger, and A. F. Fercher
Opt. Express 11(8) 889-894 (2003)
Total Cites: 1084

Negative index of refraction in optical metamaterials
Vladimir M. Shalaev, Wenshan Cai, Uday K. Chettiar, Hsiao-Kuan Yuan, Andrey K. Sarychev, Vladimir P. Drachev, and Alexander V. Kildishev
Opt. Lett. 30(24) 3356-3358 (2005)
Total Cites: 970

Sensitivity advantage of swept source and Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Michael A. Choma, Marinko V. Sarunic, Changhuei Yang, and Joseph A. Izatt
Opt. Express 11(18) 2183-2189 (2003)
Total Cites: 911

Guiding and confining light in void nanostructure
Vilson R. Almeida, Qianfan Xu, Carlos A. Barrios, and Michal Lipson
Opt. Lett. 29(11) 1209-1211 (2004)
Total Cites: 777

Improved signal-to-noise ratio in spectral-domain compared with time-domain optical coherence tomography
Johannes F. de Boer, Barry Cense, B. Hyle Park, Mark C. Pierce, Guillermo J. Tearney, and Brett E. Bouma
Opt. Lett. 28(21) 2067-2069 (2003)
Total Cites: 737

Focusing of high numerical aperture cylindrical-vector beams
K. S. Youngworth and T. G Brown
Opt. Express 7(2) 77-87 (2000)
Total Cites: 651

Plasmonic solar cells
K.R. Catchpole and A. Polman
Opt. Express 16(26) 21793-21800 (2008)
Total Cites: 605

Micromachining bulk glass by use of femtosecond laser pulses with nanojoule energy
Chris B. Schaffer, André Brodeur, José F. García, and Eric Mazur
Opt. Lett. 26(2) 93-95 (2001)
Total Cites: 591

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