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Most Cited Articles - 2010-2015

High power fiber lasers: current status and future perspectives [Invited]
D. J. Richardson, J. Nilsson, and W. A. Clarkson
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 27(11) B63-B92 (2010)
Total Cites: 467

Ge-on-Si laser operating at room temperature
Jifeng Liu, Xiaochen Sun, Rodolfo Camacho-Aguilera, Lionel C. Kimerling, and Jurgen Michel
Opt. Lett. 35(5) 679-681 (2010)
Total Cites: 340

Approaches for high internal quantum efficiency green InGaN light-emitting diodes with large overlap quantum wells
Hongping Zhao, Guangyu Liu, Jing Zhang, Jonathan D. Poplawsky, Volkmar Dierolf, and Nelson Tansu
Opt. Express 19(S4) A991-A1007 (2011)
Total Cites: 327

Nanoplasmonics: past, present, and glimpse into future
Mark I. Stockman
Opt. Express 19(22) 22029-22106 (2011)
Total Cites: 279

Orbital angular momentum: origins, behavior and applications
Alison M. Yao and Miles J. Padgett
Adv. Opt. Photon. 3(2) 161-204 (2011)
Total Cites: 260

Light trapping in ultrathin plasmonic solar cells
Vivian E. Ferry, Marc A. Verschuuren, Hongbo B. T. Li, Ewold Verhagen, Robert J. Walters, Ruud E. I. Schropp, Harry A. Atwater, and Albert Polman
Opt. Express 18(S2) A237-A245 (2010)
Total Cites: 238

Femtosecond fiber CPA system emitting 830 W average output power
Tino Eidam, Stefan Hanf, Enrico Seise, Thomas V. Andersen, Thomas Gabler, Christian Wirth, Thomas Schreiber, Jens Limpert, and Andreas Tünnermann
Opt. Lett. 35(2) 94-96 (2010)
Total Cites: 220

An electrically pumped germanium laser
Rodolfo E. Camacho-Aguilera, Yan Cai, Neil Patel, Jonathan T. Bessette, Marco Romagnoli, Lionel C. Kimerling, and Jurgen Michel
Opt. Express 20(10) 11316-11320 (2012)
Total Cites: 191

Multi-Megahertz OCT: High quality 3D imaging at 20 million A-scans and 4.5 GVoxels per second
Wolfgang Wieser, Benjamin R. Biedermann, Thomas Klein, Christoph M. Eigenwillig, and Robert Huber
Opt. Express 18(14) 14685-14704 (2010)
Total Cites: 169

Terahertz quantum cascade lasers operating up to ∼ 200 K with optimized oscillator strength and improved injection tunneling
S. Fathololoumi, E. Dupont, C.W.I. Chan, Z.R. Wasilewski, S.R. Laframboise, D. Ban, A. Mátyás, C. Jirauschek, Q. Hu, and H. C. Liu
Opt. Express 20(4) 3866-3876 (2012)
Total Cites: 158

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