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Photonics and Opto-Electronics


This group’s interested in the field of semiconductor lasers, amplifiers, LEDs and super luminescent diodes. Interests include edge emitting and VCSEL lasers, pump laser diodes as well as single photon emitters. The devices may be based on direct or indirect bandgap semiconductors or plastic optics.

Optoelectronics (PO)

This group’s interests are in the field of semiconductor sources, modulators, detectors, including lasers, amplifiers, LEDs, super luminescent diodes, single photon emitters, integrated modulators and photodetectors. All research related to the topic of optoelectronic integration of devices is also of interest to the optoelectronics group. 

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Name Affiliation Title
Daniele Melati CNRS Chair
Antonio Cala Lesina Leibniz University Hannover Vice Chair
Ivy Krystal Jones Hampton University Webinar Officer

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