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OFC 2023 Awards Ceremony

Optica is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of our community.

Please join us in congratulating the following honorees who were recognized during OFC 2023. Our thanks to Corning Incorporated for supporting the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon.

John Tyndall Award

Presented annually, the award is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to optical-fiber technology that have met the test of time and are of proven benefit to science, technology, or society. Established in 1987, the award honors the memory of John Tyndall, who made distinguished contributions to physics. It is jointly presented by the IEEE Photonics Society and Optica and is funded by Corning Incorporated.


Ming-Jun Li
Corning Incorporated, USA

For seminal contributions to advances in optical fiber technology.


Joseph Fraunhofer Award / Robert M. Burley Prize

Established in 1982 to recognize significant research accomplishments in the field of optical engineering, the award honors Joseph Fraunhofer for his contributions to the field. The prize was added in 1992 in memory of Robert M. Burley, the first recipient of the Fraunhofer Award.



Xiaoyi Bao
University of Ottawa, Canada

For seminal contributions to optical fiber-based systems ranging from telecom testing protocols and instruments, to pioneering work on distributed sensor instrumentation for infrastructure monitoring, to multi-parameter sensing probes for medical imaging.

2023 Fellows

Recognizing Optica members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics through distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business leadership and society. View a complete list of 2023 Fellows.


Kazi S. Abedin
CACI International, Inc., USA

For pioneering contributions to ultrafast and high-speed pulse generation, nonlinear fiber optics, space division multiplexed optical communications and optical instrumentation

Anjali Agarwal
CACI | Technology Innovation and Labs, USA

For significant contributions to optical and quantum communications and RF photonics

Antonella Bogoni
Sant'Anna School/CNIT, Italy

For significant contributions to high-speed optical signal processing, including for microwave photonics and photonics-based radar

Xi (Vivian) Chen
Nokia Bell Labs, USA

For remarkable contributions to ultrahigh-speed fiber-optic transmission systems for both short-reach and long-haul applications

John D. Downie
Corning Incorporated, USA

For significant contributions to optical fiber technology through transmission system testing and modeling

Masayuki Fujita
Osaka University, Japan

For pioneering contributions to terahertz integrated photonics based on photonic crystals and silicon microstructures

Gordon Keeler
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA

For seminal contributions to and leadership in the advancement of heterogeneous photonics and optical microsystems

Guixin Li
Southern University of Science and Technology, China

For outstanding contributions to the field of nonlinear photonic metasurfaces, particularly for proposing the concept of nonlinear geometric phase and its applications

Yoshiaki Nakano
The University of Tokyo, Japan

For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research of semiconductor opto-electronic devices and photonic integrated circuits

Hideyuki Nasu
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Japan

For seminal and sustained contributions to optical packaging technologies and their applications

Jin-Wei Shi
National Central University, Taiwan

For contributions to ultrafast photodiodes and high-speed VCSELs for optics fiber communications

Vijay Vusirikala
Google LLC, USA

For significant technical and business leadership in global datacenter and cloud optical networking infrastructures

Jingyi Yu
ShanghaiTech University, China

For fundamental advances in the design and application of computational imaging systems


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