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GENERATION Z AND BEYOND - Co-evolution of human capabilities and intelligent technologies in the 21st century

22 September 2022

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

In the future digital technology will become an embedded enabler in everything. What if we started to design ICT for empowerment, equality, social sustainability, or democracy, instead of designing for capacity, speed, or effectiveness? Would it change how we see the role of technology in our everyday life? Would we have better products and services? Would we have more resilient societies?

About Our Speaker: Marianne Kinnula, University of Oulu

Marianna, HeadshotMarianne Kinnula is an associate professor of human centred design and digitalisation in University of Oulu, Finland. Her research focuses on user participation, inclusion, and empowerment in technology development. She is also working with regulation of technology and social sustainability of technology, such as 6G.

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