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Laser Applications Conference (LAC)

08 October 2023 – 12 October 2023    Tacoma (Greater Seattle Area), Washington, USA


Laser Applications Conference (LAC)

Materials Processing
  • Surface Modification & Micromachining​
  • Brittle Materials
  • Lasers for Space Applications
  • Lasers for Mobility
  • Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing
  • Sub µ Material Processing (or Laser Nano Machining)
Applications for High Power Lasers
  • EUV, X-Ray Generation & Particle Acceleration
  • Defense/Directed Energy
  • Laser-Beam Delivery and Beam Manipulation of High-Power Laser Beams
  • Laser Shock Peening & Forming
  • THz Generation & Applications



  • David Mordaunt
    Ball Aerospace & Technologies, United States
  • Yuji Sano
    Institute for Molecular Science/Osaka University, Japan
  • Johannes Trbola
    Trbola Engineering, Germany


Committee Members

  • David Mordaunt, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, United StatesChair
  • Yuji Sano, ,JapanChair
  • Johannes Trbola, Trbola Engineering, GermanyChair
  • Gregory Quarles, Applied Energetics, Inc, United StatesProgram Chair
  • Danijela Rostohar, Coventry University, United KingdomProgram Chair
  • Tomokazu Sano, Osaka University, JapanProgram Chair
  • Lahsen Assoufid, Argonne National Laboratory, United States
  • Barry Behnken, AEye, Inc., United States
  • Heather George, TRUMPF Inc, United States
  • Thomas Grunberger, , Austria
  • Ruth Houbertz, ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting, Germany
  • Qiongying Hu, Coherent Corp., United States
  • Mohammad Umar Piracha, Zoox, Inc. , United States
  • Gerald Uyeno, Raytheon Technologies, United States


Plenary Speakers

50 Years of Laser Development Leading to NIF Breakthrough

Mary Spaeth
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

Development and Application of a 100 Watt Average Power SBS Phase-Conjugated Nd:glass Laser System

Lloyd Hackel
Curtiss-Wright Corporation, USA

50 Years of Laser Development Leading to NIF Breakthrough

Ken Manes
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA


Invited Speakers

Laser Applications Conference

  • Lloyd Hackel, Curtiss-Wright Surface TechnologiesUNITED STATES
  • Robert Afzal, Lockheed Martin Aculight CorpUNITED STATES
    Lockheed Martin Layered Laser Defense Overview and Field Test Result  
  • Maximilian Backenstoss, DatenBerg GmbHGermany
    Online Data Analytics in Additive Manufacturing - a Structured Approach
  • Sandra Biedron, Directed Energy Professional SocietyUNITED STATES
    The Directed Energy Professional Society and Directed Energy ST&E  
  • Fred Carter, DMG MORI Advanced SolutionsUNITED STATES
    Towards a More Efficient Single Laser SLM Machine – leveraging in Process Monitoring and High Throughput Inspection  
  • Bai Cui, University of Nebraska LincolnUNITED STATES
    Laser Shock Peening of Ceramic Materials: New Applications and Mechanisms  
  • Jonathan Ellis, Micro LAM Technologies Inc.UNITED STATES
    Laser Assisted Diamond Turing  
  • Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    Developing Directed Energy Weapons to Operate Across a Range of Atmospheric Conditions  
  • Laurent Gallais, Fresnel Institut
    Measurement of Optical Coatings Absorption and Simulations of Photo-induced Modifications of Spectral Function Under High Power CW Laser Exposition  
  • Bryan Germann, Aerotech IncUNITED STATES
    Laser Processing Macro-size Components with Sub-micrometer Feature Size & Precision  
  • Lloyd Hackel, Curtiss-Wright Surface TechnologiesUNITED STATES
    Laser Peening with an SBS Phase Conjugated Nd:glass Laser System  
  • Dennis Hammons, Coherent Applications, IncUNITED STATES
    Directed Energy Overview  
  • Martin Hermatschweiler, Nanoscribe GmbHGermany
    Laser Based Additive Manufacturing of Diffractive and Refractive Optics  
  • Tsuneto Kanai, Kyoto UniversityJapan
    Supercontinuum-seeded 4-micron KTA Optical Parametric Amplifier for Seeding a High Energy Fe:ZnSe Multipass Amplifier and Related Applications in Particle Physics  
  • Arvydas Kausas, Institute for Molecular ScienceJapan
    Advancing Laser Systems through Optimal Direct Bonding: Insights into Laser-Induced Damage Threshold Variability  
  • Rich Klein, GF Machining Solutions LLCUNITED STATES
    Laser Texturing and Micromachining: State of the Art Ultrashort Laser Processing of Complex 3D Surfaces  
  • Sandro Klingebiel, TRUMPF Scientific Laser GmbH + Co KGGermany
    Multipass Cell Based Spectral Broadening of High Energy and High Average Power Thin-Disk Amplifiers  
  • Martin Kohse , Fraunhofer IPTGermany
    Laser Induced Structures - Functionalization of Medical Component surfaces  
    New Class of GaN-based Laser Technology for Mobility Applications  
  • Tony Lee, Coherent CorpUNITED STATES
    Best Optic and Process for Glass Cutting by Filamentation with Ultra-short Pulse Laser  
  • Roark Marsh , US Department of EnergyUNITED STATES
    Summary of the Basic Research Needs Workshop on Laser Technology  
  • Benjamin Mills, University of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
    How to Train You Laser  
  • Eric Mottay, AmplitudeUNITED STATES
    High Average Power Femtosecond Lasers for Surface Processing  
  • Mamiko Nishiuchi, National Inst. Quantum & Rad Sc & TechJapan
    Enhanced ion Acceleration from Transparency-driven Foils Demonstrated at Two Ultra-intense Laser Facilities  
  • Igor Pogorelsky, Brookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Opportunities with Multi-terawatt Long-wave infrared Lasers  
  • Alexandre RONDEPIERRE, Osaka University - Riken SPRING-8Japan
    Laser Peening Applied at Hundred Hertz range: Challenges and Demonstration  
  • Andreas Rudolf, PRIMES GmbHGermany
    Next Level Characterization of Scanning Laser Beams – How Precise in-line Knowledge of the Laser Scan Field Pushes Quality in Powder Bed Fusion  
  • Tomokazu Sano, Osaka UniversityJapan
    Influence of Pulse Duration on Mechanical Properties and Dislocation Density of Dry Laser Peened Aluminum Alloy using Ultrashort pulsed Laser-driven Shock Wave  
  • Lawrence Shah, Luminar TechnologiesUNITED STATES
    Laser Component Requirements for Enabling Consumer Grade Automotive LIDAR
  • Christophe Simon-Boisson, Thales Laser SAFrance
    High Repetition Rate & High Peak Power Lasers for Laser Plasma Accelerators and Their Applications  
  • Simon Thiele, Printoptix GmbHGermany
    Fabrication of Optical Components by Sub-micron Accurate Laser 3D Printing  
  • Craig Ungaro, Corning IncUNITED STATES
    Industrial Applications of Ultrafast Laser Processing for Transparent Materials: Welding, Cutting, and Polishing  
  • Alexander Wittmann, Universität Erlangen-NürnbergGermany
    Additive Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Structures by Directed Energy Deposition with a Thulium-Doped Fiber Laser  
  • Hitoki Yoneda, University of Electro-CommunicationsJapan
    New Gas Optics for High Power Laser Applications  

Special Events


Welcome Reception

Sunday, 08 October 17:30 - 19:00

Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Join your fellow attendees as we begin a week of illuminating technical content and networking conversations. The welcome reception is where leading minds in photonics gather to ignite ideas and forge connections. 

Student Paper Poster Reception

Tuesday, 10 October 17:30 - 19:00

Science + Industry Showcase (Exhibition)

Engage with the brightest young minds as they unveil their groundbreaking work. Help celebrate the innovations, collaborations and boundless potential of the next generation of scholars.

Optica Laser Congress Banquet

Wednesday, 11 October 18:30 - 22:00

Museum of Glass, 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma

The Museum of Glass is a premier contemporary art museum dedicated to glass and glassmaking in the West Coast's largest and most active museum glass studio.

Join fellow Optica Laser Congress attendees at the highlight event of the week. Dine in the Grand Hall with its unique design in glass, steel and concrete and tour the galleries and Hot Shop where you can watch artists create works from molten glass.

When registering for Optica Laser Congress, please purchase a ticket to join in the festivities.

Farewell Toast

Thursday, 12 October 15:30 - 16:30

Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Ballroom A (Outside Hallway)

Please join us in a toast to a week full of great conversations and innovations.

The Story of Pacific Northwest Coffee Tour

Friday, 13 October 09:00 - 11:00

Anthem Coffee

Sip, savor and explore the rich coffee culture of Tacoma on our captivating Coffee Tour, which covers eight city blocks of the best coffee shops the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant café scene as we journey through aromatic blends and artisanal brews and uncover the stories behind each cup. Let the enticing aromas and flavorful experiences awaken your senses on this caffeinated adventure.

Purchase tickets when registering for the Optica Laser Congress.


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