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Bio-Optics: Design and Applications

24 April 2023 – 27 April 2023 Hyatt Regency, Vancouver British Columbia, British Columbia Canada



  1. Biomedical Optical Imaging Technologies
  2. Design and Fabrication of Biomedical Optical Devices
  3. Visual Optics, Eye Imaging and Sensing
  4. Biochip and Optofluidics
  5. Clinical Systems and Applications
  6. Nanophotonics for Biomedicine
  7. Novel Imaging Technologies
  8. AI and Optical Design
  9. Signal and Image Processing for Biomedical Optics



  • Hatice Ceylan Koydemir, Texas A&M UniversityUnited States
    Smart and Portable Technologies Engineered for Biomedical Sensing and Imaging
  • Arnaud Dubois, Institut d'Optique Graduate SchoolFrance
    Line-Field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT) for Dermatology
  • Pilhan Kim, Korea Advanced Inst of Science & TechRepublic Of Korea
    Real-Time Intravital Microscopy with Suction-Assisted Imaging Window for Thoracic Organs
  • Pierre Lane, Simon Fraser UniversityCanada
    Endoscopic OCT-AFI – In Vivo Imaging of the Lungs, Oral Cavity, and Gynecologic Tract
  • Muyinatu Lediju Bell, Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited States
    Listening to the Sound of Light to Guide Surgeries
  • Jonathan Liu, University of WashingtonUnited States
    Non-Destructive 3D Pathology and Analysis for Precision Medicine
  • Andrea Locke, Vanderbilt UniversityUnited States
    Raman-Based Spectroscopic Tools for Characterizing Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Christine OBrien, Washington University School of MedicineUnited States
    Light-Based Detection of Postpartum Hemorrhage with a Wearable Device
  • Juergen Popp, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGermany
    Multimodal Imaging Together with AI – A Powerful Toolbox for Tumor Diagnosis
  • Marinko Sarunic, Simon Fraser UniversityUnited Kingdom
    Deep Learning Methods for Sensorless Adaptive Optics
  • Serhat Tozburun, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome CenterTurkey
    Guide Mapping and Endoscopy Cap Approaches for Well-Confined Mucosal Laser Coagulation
  • Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo, Massachusetts General HospitalUnited States
    Probabilistic Structural and Functional Optical Coherence Tomography


Plenary Session

Sebastian Schlücker

Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen (CENIDE), University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

SERS-Based Biophotonics: From Nanotags to Microscopy and POCT

Molecularly functionalized gold nanoparticles (SERS nanotags) are bright and photostable labeling agents for biophotonics that allow quantification and multiplexing. After an introduction to their basic physics and chemistry, applications for 6-plex single-cell bioimaging and point-of-care testing with an ultrasensitive lateral-flow assay including the design of a compact and rapid SERS reader are presented.


Seok Hyun Yun, PhD

Harvard Medical School and Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Laser Particles for Single Cell Analysis

DNA-based cell barcoding has been critical in single-cell sequencing. Optical barcoding based on microlasers offers a new paradigm in single cell analysis, enabling us to integrate comprehensive single-cell data in large scale across multiple dimensions from dynamic behavior to molecular phenotypes.


Special Events

IONS+ Vancouver

Sunday, 23 April 07:00 – 19:00
Georgia B

IONS+ Vancouver 2023 is a full-day event for students attending the Optica Biophotonics Congress. Started in 2008, IONS allow students the opportunity to build an environment where they can exchange research, hear from luminaries and professionals in the field, as well as showcase and enjoy the local culture of the host city. IONS+ Vancouver will be hosted by the University of Victoria Optica Student Chapter.

Women in Optics Reception

Sunday, 23 April 19:00 – 20:00
Mosaic Grill & Bar

This informal networking event brings together women in biomedical optics — to meet other women in the field and discuss challenges and opportunities. All are welcome, regardless of gender. Please join Chairs Caroline Boudoux, Conor Evans and members of the Optica Biophotonics Congress committee, and meet others attending this cutting-edge congress. Share your ideas to help ensure our community and this meeting is as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

Conference Reception

Monday, 24 April 18:30 – 20:00
34th Floor, Hyatt Regency Vancouver

With incredible views of downtown Vancouver, the North Shore mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this top floor space is host to the Congress Reception.

A Celebration of 30 Years of Single Molecule Optical Tweezers

Tuesday, 25 April 17:30 – 18:30
Regency Ballroom A

It has been 30 years since the landmark publication from Steven Block’s group (Svoboda et al. Nature, 365, 6448, 1993) in which individual steps of the molecular motor kinesin were measured using optical tweezers and shown to be 8nm in size. This seminal work began a new branch of single-molecule biophysics that has spawned many applications beyond the initial measurements on molecular motors.  

Join the Optical Trapping in Molecular and Cellular Biology Technical Group as it celebrates the publication. The session features two short talks describing the original work and exploring recent advances and future applications of the single molecule field. Networking and refreshments served.


Image for keeping the session alive