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3D Image Acquisition and Display: Technology, Perception and Applications (3D)

14 August 2023 – 17 August 2023   Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts USA



3D Image Acquisition and Display: Technology, Perception and Applications (3D)
  1. 3D Sensing and Imaging Technologies — examples include
    • Sensor technologies for 3D sensing and imaging
    • 3D information acquisition methods and optical architectures
    • LIDAR sensing and imaging
    • Structured illumination
    • 3D imaging in scattering media
    • 3D technology for autonomous driving and intelligent systems
    • Optical engineering design of 3D information acquisition systems
    • User interface technologies for 3D systems such as gaze tracking, depth sensing, motion tracking, etc.
  2. 3D Display and Visualization Technologies — examples include
    • 3D display hardware and software technologies, including holographic, light field, volumetric, as well as stereoscopic display technologies
    • Wearable display methods and technologies, including virtual and augmented reality displays
    • 3D information display methods and optical architectures
    • Optical engineering design of 3D display systems
  3. Image Processing for 3D Systems — examples include
    • Image processing for 3D acquisition and display systems
    • Deep learning and artificial intelligence for 3D acquisition and display systems
    • Calibration and registration
  4. Applications of 3D Image Acquisition or Display Technologies — examples include
    • Virtual reality and augmented reality systems
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Entertainment and enterprise applications
    • Defense and security
    • Healthcare applications of 3D technologies, including biomedicine, microscopy, endoscopy, medical and scientific visualization, etc.
  5. Emerging Optical Materials and Components for 3D Systems — examples include
    • Flat optics such as meta surfaces or Pancharatnam-Berry (PB) phase lens, etc.
    • Gradient index materials and applications in 3D systems
    • Active and tunable optics for 3D systems
  6. Perception, Human Factors and Visual Comfort of 3D Information Displays



  • Amit  Ashok  
    University of Arizona, USA
    Congress Chair
  • Partha Banerjee 
    University of Dayton, USA
    Congress Vice Chair



  • Hong Hua, Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt SciencesUnited StatesChair
  • Adrian Stern, Ben Gurion University of the NegevIsraelChair
  • Ana Doblas, University of Massachusetts DartmouthUnited StatesProgram Chair
  • Manuel Martinez-Corral, University of ValenciaSpainProgram Chair
  • Simon Thibault, Université LavalCanadaProgram Chair
  • Julia Alonso, Universidad de la RepúblicaUruguay
  • Artur Carnicer, Universitat de BarcelonaSpain
  • Maria Cruz, UP campus GuadalajaraMexico
  • Osamu Matoba, Kobe UniversityJapan
  • Yifan Peng, University of Hong KongUnited States
  • Elisabet Perez Cabre, Universitat Politecnica de CatalunyaSpain
  • Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard, Université LavalCanada
  • Miaomiao Xu, Meta Platforms IncUnited States



  • Hong Hua
    Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt Sciences, United States
  • Adrian Stern
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • Ana Doblas
    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, United States
    Program Chair
  • Manuel Martinez-Corral
    University of Valencia, Spain
    Program Chair
  • Simon Thibault
    Université Laval, Canada
    Program Chair


Plenary Speakers

The James Webb Space Telescope and Beyond

Lee Feinberg, NASA

A Whirlwind Tour of Quantum Imaging and Radar

Jeffrey H. Shapiro
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Invited Speakers

  • Bahram Javidi, University of Connecticut
    Sensing, Visualization, and Recognition in Degraded Environment using Passive Multidimensional Integral Imaging   Keynote
  • Brian Pogue, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Optical - X-Ray Imaging: Dose, Molecules & Opportunities   Keynote
  • Laura Waller, University of California BerkeleyUNITED STATES
    Computational 3D Microscopy   Keynote
  • Lei Xing, Stanford UniversityUNITED STATES
    Imaging in the Age of Artificial Intelligence   Keynote
  • Trisha Andrew, University of Massachusetts AmherstUNITED STATES
    Garment-Integrated, Fabric-Based Sensors Systems for Imaging Human Body Motion in Natural Environments  
  • Amir Arbabi, University of Massachusetts AmherstUNITED STATES
    Metasurface-enabled Optical Imaging and Scanning Systems  
  • Harry Atwater, California Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    Active Metasurfaces Modulated in Space and Time  
  • Remy Avila, Univ Nacional Autonoma de MexicoMexico
    Methods for Optical Turbulence Profiling  
  • George Barbastathis, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    On the Use of Machine Learning for Image-based Identification and Control of Complex Processes  
  • Jeffrey Barchers, Nutronics IncUNITED STATES
    Special Session on Fried  
  • Randy Bartels, Colorado State UniversityUNITED STATES
    Super-Resolution Imaging by Computationally Fusing Quantum and Classical Optical Information  
  • Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
    Hybrid Platforms for Free-space Active Photonics  
  • David Blinder, Vrije Universiteit BrusselBelgium
    Holographic Signal Processing in Plenoptic Phase Space  
  • Vivek Boominathan, Rice UniversityUNITED STATES
    Lensless Imaging: A Miniaturizing Perspective  
  • Konstantin Borozdin , Decision Sciences International CorpUNITED STATES
    Muon Imaging Methods and Applications  
  • Caroline Boudoux, Polytechnique MontréalCanada
    Few-mode Optical Coherence Tomography with a Modally-Specific Photonic  
  • Charles Bouman, Purdue UniversityUNITED STATES
    Past, Present, and Future Methods for Sparse View CT  
  • David Brady, University of Arizona
    Snapshot Tomography on Array Cameras  
  • Joshua Brake, Harvey Mudd CollegeUNITED STATES
    Interferometric Speckle Visibility Spectroscopy (iSVS): Leveraging Commercially-available Cameras to Sensitively Measure Flow Dynamics Inside Scattering Media  
  • David Burghoff, University of Notre DameUNITED STATES
    Title to be Announced  
  • Federico Capasso, Harvard UniversityUNITED STATES
    Recent advances in flat optics from the near IR to the Extreme UV  
  • Chao Ping Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina
    Near-Eye Displays with Reflective Liquid Crystal Gratings for Metaverse  
  • Mu Ku Chen, City University of Hong Kong
    Optical Meta-devices for Imaging, Depth Sensing, and Edge Detection  
  • Ji-Xin Cheng, Boston UniversityUNITED STATES
    Most Recent Advances of Mid-infrared Photothermal Microscopy  
  • Mathew Cherukara, Argonne National Laboratory
    HPC+AI@Edge Enabled Real-Time X-ray Imaging  
  • Bill Choi, NanolambdaREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    Digital Nano Flat Optics for Spectrometer-on-a-chip  
  • Justin Crepp, University of Notre DameUNITED STATES
    Developing a Wavefront Sensor that Operates in Strong Scintillation  
  • Mini Das, University of Houston
    Opportunities and Challenges in X-ray Phase Imaging and Phase Retrieval  
  • Luis F. Delgado-Aparicio, Johns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
    Physics and Engineer Challenges for Multi-energy Soft and Hard X-ray Diagnostics for Short and Long-pulse Profile Measurements  
  • Victor Dyomin, Tomsk State UniversityRUSSIA
    Underwater Digital Holography of Plankton with Advanced Monitoring Capabilities for Bioindication In Situ  
  • Tina Ebert, Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Monochromatic, High Resolution X-ray Imaging Using Laser Driven Backlighters at NIF  
  • Regina Eckert, University of California Berkeley
    Earth in Full Color: Imaging Spectroscopy Challenges for Earth Science  
  • Pietro Ferraro, Istituto Nazionale di OtticaItaly
    New Frontiers of Imaging Flow-cytometry by Stain-free Microscopy  
  • Andrew Forbes, University of WitwatersrandSOUTH AFRICA
    Digital Tools for Quantum Structured Light  
  • Ryan Forelli, Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Real-Time Instability Tracking with Deep Learning on FPGAs in Magnetic Confinement Fusion Devices  
  • Liang Gao, University of California Los AngelesUNITED STATES
    Ultrafast Light Field Tomography and Microscopy  
  • Peng Gao, Xindian UniversityChina
    Two-Beam Phase Correlation Spectroscopy: A label-free method to quantify particle flow in (bio)fluids  
  • Patrice Genevet, CNRSFrance
    Complex Frequency Singularities and Metasurfaces for LiDAR  
  • Federico Gomez, Ansys
    Efficient Simulation of Metasurfaces: From Meta-atoms to Millimeter-scale Structures and Beyond  
  • Taisia Gorkhover, University of Hamburg
    Imaging the Nanoscale With Intense Sub-Femtosecond X-Ray Pulses  
  • Vivek Goyal, Boston UniversityUNITED STATES
    Absorption-Based, Passive Range Imaging from Hyperspectral Thermal Measurements  
  • Elizabeth Grace, Georgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    Single-Shot, Multi-Timestep Chirped Probe Method for High Temporal Resolution Reconstruction of Plasma Evolution  
  • Jesse Griff-McMahon, Princeton UniversityUNITED STATES
    Proton Radiography of Magnetic Reconnection and Biermann-battery Magnetic Fields with X-ray Fiducials  
  • Markus Henriksson, Swedish Defence Research AgencySweden
    Measuring the Near-ground Vertical Gradient of Turbulence by Differential Angle-of-arrival Analysis of LED Array Images  
  • Roarke Horstmeyer, Duke UniversityUNITED STATES
    Multi-aperture Methods for 3D Tomographic Optical Imaging  
  • Roarke Horstmeyer, Duke UniversityUNITED STATES
    Computational 3D Video Microscopy with Micro-camera Arrays  
  • Chia Wei Hsu, University of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
    Multi-channel Flat Optics: Fast Solver, Inverse Design, and Fundamental Bounds  
  • Juejun Hu, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    LWIR Metalenses for Broadband, Wide-angle Imaging  
  • Lingling Huang, Beijing Institute of TechnologyChina
    Wavefront Modulation and Holographic-related Technique Based on Metasurfaces  
  • Tali Ilovitsh, Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael
    Acoustical Beam Shaping as a Platform for Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging  
  • Chulmin Joo, Yonsei UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    Computational Polarization-sensitive Microscopy for Tomographic Birefrience Imaging of Transparent Ojects  
  • Matthew Kalensky, NAVSEA NSWC Dahlgren DivisionUNITED STATES
    Aero Optics  
  • Matthew Kemnetz, AFRL/RDUNITED STATES
    Aero Optics  
  • Björn Kemper, Westfaelische Wilhelms Univ MunsterGermany
    Interlaboratory Evaluation of In Vitro Nanotoxicity Testing With Digital Holographic Microscopy  
  • Björn Kemper, Westfaelische Wilhelms Univ MunsterGermany
    Approaches for High-throughput Live Cell Imaging in Digital Holographic Microscopy  
  • Chulhong Kim, Pohang Univ of Science & TechnologyREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    Biomedical Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging: from Advanced Hardware to Computational Software Development  
  • Kyoohyun Kim, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des LichtsGermany
    Optical Diffraction Tomography for Quantifying Cell Physics  
  • Olga Korotkova, University of MiamiUNITED STATES
    Novel Beams  
  • Victor Kulikov, University of DaytonUNITED STATES
    Impact of Turbulence Profile, and Inner and Outer Scales on Accuracy in Cn2 Prediction Using Deep Neural Network-based Signal Processing  
  • Matthew Kupinski, Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt SciencesUNITED STATES
    The Use of 3D Modeling and Augmented Reality in System Design and Image Reconstruction  
  • Meredith Kupinski, Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt SciencesUNITED STATES
    Analytic Shape from Polarization for Depolarization Dominant Objects  
  • Arseniy Kuznetsov, Agency for Science Technology & ResearchSingapore
    Small-pixel Size Spatial Light Modulators Based on Tunable Dielectric Metasurfaces  
  • Pawel Latawiec, Metalenz IncUNITED STATES
    Metasurfaces for 3D Sensing and Beyond  
  • Shuai Leng, Mayo Clinic
    Photon Counting CT  
  • Andrew Leong, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Quantitative X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging (XPCI) of Increasingly Complex Porous Materials  
  • Anat Levin, Technion Israel Institute of TechnologyIsrael
    Wide Étendue Holographic Displays with Piecewise-Linear Phase Masks  
  • Xiang Li, Massachusetts General HospitalUNITED STATES
    Recent Advances in Sparse and Ultra-Sparse Reconstruction and Generative Modeling for Medical Imaging  
  • Juan Liu, Beijing Institute of TechnologyChina
    Real-time Holographic Display Based on Dynamic Scene Reconstruction and Rendering  
  • Juan Liu, Beijing Institute of TechnologyChina
    Applications of Holographic Optical Elements for 3D Display  
  • Wei Liu, Mayo ClinicUNITED STATES
    Patient-specific 3D CT Images Reconstruction from 2D KV images via Vision Transformer-based Deep-Learning  
  • Yongmin Liu, Northeastern UniversityUNITED STATES
    Pushing the Limit of Multiplexing Capability in Optical Metasurfaces  
  • Arka Majumdar, University of WashingtonUNITED STATES
    Full color Imaging with Large-Aperture Meta-Optics  
    Proton Radiography of the Bounded Magnetized Systems Relevant to MagLIF Preheat Phase  
  • Kevin Mann, Bruker Nano Surfaces & MetrologyUNITED STATES
    Ultrafast Z Focusing and Variable Optical Mixing with Bruker's NeuraLeap  
  • Pasquale Memmolo, Istituto Italiano di TecnologiaItaly
    Tomographic Phase Microscopy by 3D Zernike Polynomials  
  • Lisa Miccio, Istituto Nazionale di OtticaItaly
    Soft-matter Based Micro-lenses: from Liquids to Living Cells  
  • Maiken H. Mikkelsen, Duke UniversityUNITED STATES
    Ultrafast Pyroelectric Detectors with on-chip Polarization and Spectral Filters  
  • Kelsey Miller, Leiden Observatory
    Laboratory Simulation of Turbulence  
  • Owen Miller, Yale UniversityUNITED STATES
    Convex Nanophotonics: Hidden Structure in Maxwell's Equations  
  • Darran Milne, VividQUNITED KINGDOM
    Breakthroughs in Holographic Display Technology for AR and VR Gaming  
  • Haruo Miyadera, Toshiba CorpJapan
    Cosmic-ray Muon Scattering for Nuclear Material Measurement  
  • Yasuhiro Miyake, High Energy Accelerator Research OrgJapan
    Development of Muon Imaging By Accelerator Muons  
  • Masashi Miyata, NTT Device Technology LabsJapan
    Optical Metasurfaces for High-sensitivity Color Imaging  
  • Kristina Monakhova, University of California BerkeleyUNITED STATES
    Video Denoising in Starlight Using a Learned, Physics-informed Noise Model  
  • Francesco Monticone, Cornell UniversityUNITED STATES
    Nonlocal Flat Optics  
  • Christopher Morris, Los Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    800 MeV Proton Radiography at LANSCE  
  • Nirosha Murugan, Wilfrid Laurier UniversityCanada
    You Are Brighter Than You Think: Brain-based Ultraweak Photon Emissions and Electric Fields As Novel Functional Neuroimaging Tools  
  • Ram Narayanswamy, Teaq Group LLCUNITED STATES
    Meta Optical Elements by Nanoimprint Lithography  
  • Aditya Nayak, Florida Atlantic UniversityUNITED STATES
    Digital Holographic Advances in the Aquatic Sciences  
  • Dragomir Neshev, Australian National UniversityAustralia
    Nonlinear Metasurfaces for Up-conversion Imaging and Ultrafast Switching  
  • Xingjie Ni, Pennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
    Advancing Towards Large-Scale Fabrication and Integration of Meta-Optic Devices  
  • Guangda Niu, HUST
    Ultrafast Perovskite Single Crystals for Positron Emission Tomography  
  • Takanori Nomura, Wakayama UniversityJapan
    Reduction of Computer Memory Usage in Lensless Photography with a Random Amplitude Coded Aperture  
  • Nisan Ozana, MGH. Harvard Medical SchoolUNITED STATES
    Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy and Speckle-based Neuroimaging  
  • Prasad Padmanabha Iyer, Sandia National LabsUNITED STATES
    Ultrafast Steering of Incoherent Emission from Semiconductor Metasurfaces  
  • Kunjal Parikh, Intel Corporation
    Display Edge Intelligence with Novel AI-based Visual Sensing Technology  
  • Jae-Hyeung Park, Inha UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    Optical-see-through Near-eye-display with 3D Occlusion  
  • Kyung Hyun Park, Electronics and Telecom Research InstREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    CW-based Terahertz Imaging System for Industrial Applications Using Semiconductor Devices  
  • Dario Perez, Universidad Catolica de ValparaisoChile
    Efficient and Accurate Complex Phase Retrieval of a Gaussian Beam Propagating Through Controlled Turbulence: Comprehensive Spatiotemporal Statistics Analysis  
  • Brian Pogue, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Optical Imaging of Radiation Dose in Humans  
  • Mingbo Pu, Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS
    Multifunctional Flat Optical Devices Based on Catenary-shaped Subwavelength Structures  
  • Daniel Razansky, ETH ZurichSwitzerland
    Diffuse Optical Localization Techniques for Large-scale Transcranial Mapping of Cortical Microcirculation  
  • Haoran Ren, Monash UniversityAustralia
    Twisted Light Holography with Metasurfaces  
  • Junsuk Rho, Pohang Univ of Science & TechnologyREPUBLIC OF KOREA
    Low-Cost and Scalable Manufacturing of Optical Metasurfaces in the Visible Using Engineered Optical Materials (PER, Low-Loss a-Si:H, and Hybrid ALD Structural Resin)  
  • Ann Roberts, University of MelbourneAustralia
    Shedding New Light on Phase Contrast Imaging with Nanophotonics  
  • Daniel Robertson, Mayo ClinicUNITED STATES
    Integrating-mode Particle Radiography with Monolithic Scintillator Detectors  
  • Lu Rong, Beijing University of TechnologyChina
    Terahertz Super-Oscillatory Lens and Super-Resolution Imaging  
  • Emilio Sanchez-Ortiga, Universitat de ValenciaSpain
    Digital Holographic Microscopy in Low-transmittance Conditions  
  • Richard Sandberg, Brigham Young UniversityUNITED STATES
    Challenges and Opporunties for Mesoscale Ultrafast Imaging at FELs  
  • Aswin Sankaranarayanan, Carnegie Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
    Computational Spectroscopy --- Imaging Systems and Fundamental Limits for Programmable Spectrometry  
  • Yuji Sano, , Japan
    Laser-Plasma Acceleration (LPA) Project in Japan and Potential Applications for Imaging, Synthesis, and Diagnostics  
  • Peter Schelkens, Vrije Universiteit BrusselBelgium
    Compression Challenges for Digital Holography  
  • Natan Shaked, Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael
    Label-free Sperm Analysis - New Horizons for In-vitro Fertilization  
  • Natan Shaked, Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael
    Six-pack Holography: Techniques and Applications  
  • Joshua Shank, Sandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
    Event-based Sensing for Nuclear Proliferation Detection  
    Maximizing Polarization Control Using Non-separable Metasurfaces  
  • Paulo Silveira, Occipital IncUNITED STATES
    3D Sensing for Personalized Medicine  
  • Raspberry Simpson, Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Proton Radiography Using NIF-ARC  
  • Vasanthi Sivaprakasam, US Naval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Scattering Media Interactions with Orbital Angular Momentum Laser Beams  
  • Laura Smilowitz, Los Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Lab-scale Asynchronous Radiographic System  
  • Peter So, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    Patterning Light for High Throughput, High Content, Deep Tissue Imaging  
  • Giacomo Sorelli, Fraunhofer IOSBGermany
    Transmission Matrix Approach to Turbulence Profiling  
  • Yakov Soskind, Meta Platforms IncUNITED STATES
    From Metasurface Elements to Metasurface Systems: Opportunities and Challenges  
  • Detlev Sprung, Fraunhofer IOSBGermany
    Turbulence Measurement  
  • Vivek Srinivasan, New York University
    Coherence Engineering of a Human Brain Interferometer to Quantitatively and Specifically Measure Cerebral Blood Flow  
  • Florian Stroehl, UiT The Arctic University of NorwayNorway
    Multifocus Microscopy with Optical Sectioning  
  • Tatsuki Tahara, National Inst of Information & Comm TechJapan
    Multidimensional Incoherent Digital Holography  
  • Enrique Tajahuerce, Universitat Jaume ISpain
    Computational Imaging with Structured Light and Single-pixel Detection  
  • Yasuhiro Takaki, Tokyo Univ of Agriculture and TechnologyJapan
    Holographic Implementation of Contact Lens Display  
  • Xiaodi Tan, Fujian Normal UniversityChina
    Augmented Holographic Data Storage System using Deep Learning  
  • Simon Thibault, Université LavalCanada
    Simulation and Design of Hybrid Refractive and Meta-Optics Lens  
  • Lei Tian, Boston UniversityUNITED STATES
    Computational Miniature Mesoscope: Augmenting Miniature Optics with Algorithms for Large-scale 3D Fluorescence Imaging  
  • Lei Tian, Boston UniversityUNITED STATES
    Computational 3D Phase Imaging by Intensity Diffraction Tomography  
  • Anton Tremsin, University of California at BerkeleyUNITED STATES
    Energy-resolved Neutron Imaging  
  • Benjamin Vakoc, Harvard Medical SchoolUNITED STATES
    Frequency-comb (Circular-ranging) Optical Coherence Tomography for Ophthalmology  
  • Vicente Valenzuela-Villaseca , Princeton UniversityUNITED STATES
    Proton Isotropy at OMEGA  
  • Singanallur Venkatakrishnan, Oak Ridge National LabUNITED STATES
    Towards Autonomous Neutron Diffraction and Imaging Instruments  
  • Nicolas Verrier, Ecole Sup Physique Chimie IndustriellesFrance
    Toward Multimodal Functionalized Markerless Imaging: Extensions of Tomographic Diffraction Microscopy  
  • Christos Vlachos, Université de BordeauxFrance
    Characterization of Optically Generated Transient Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields of High Energy Density  
  • Laura Waller, University of California BerkeleyUNITED STATES
    Space-time Learned Reconstructions for Computational imaging  
  • Yuhong Wan, Beijing University of TechnologyChina
    Fluorescence Self-interference Digital Holography with the Capability of Adaptive Three Dimensional Microscopic Imaging  
  • Congli Wang, University of California BerkeleyUNITED STATES
    Differentiable Ray Tracing for Optical Design and Modeling  
  • Di Wang, Beihang UniversityChina
    Large Viewing Angle Holographic 3D Display System  
  • Hao Wang, SUTDSingapore
    Metasurface-Enabled Polarization Modulation for Multidimensional Information Encryption and Decryption  
  • Ken Kang-Hsin Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
    Optical Tomography-guided System for Pre-clinical Radiotherapy Research  
  • Florian Willomitzer, Univ of Arizona, Coll of Opt SciencesUNITED STATES
    Utilizing Deflectometric Information for Single-shot Eye-tracking with High Accuracy  
  • Liangzhong Xiang, University of California IrvineUNITED STATES
    X-ray Induced Acoustic Computed Tomography (XACT)  
  • Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Utsunomiya University
    Glass-Free Non-Contact Augmented Reality Interface With Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection (AIRR)  
  • Ji Yi, Johns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
    Mesoscopic Single-object Lightsheet Microscopy  
  • Tom Zangle, University of UtahUNITED STATES
    Using Quantitative Phase Imaging to Resolve Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Cancer Cell Response to Therapy  
  • Guoan Zheng, University of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
    High-resolution, High-throughput Coded Ptychography for Biomedical Imaging  
  • Chao Zhou, Washington University in St LouisUNITED STATES
    Advanced OCT- 3D Imaging and Optogenetic Pacing of in Vitro and in Vivo Model Systems  
  • Natan Shaked, Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael
    Label-free Sperm Analysis - New Horizons for In-vitro Fertilization  
  • Simon Thibault, Université LavalCanada
    Simulation and Design of Hybrid Refractive and Meta-Optics Lens  

Special Events


Women in Imaging Reception

Sunday, 13 August 19:00 - 20:00
Garden Suite, 4024

Professional Development Sessions

Tuesday, 15 August 11:00 - 12:00
Optica Booth 101

Optica Laser Systems Technical Group Special Talk & Networking Event

Tuesday, 15 August 12:15 - 13:15
Whittier Room

Researching Finding Opportunities Panel

Tuesday, 15 August 18:30 - 19:30
Whittier Room

Professional Development Sessions

Wednesday, 16 August 13:00 - 14:00
Optica Booth 101

Conference Reception

Wednesday, 16 August 18:30 - 20:00
Avenue 34

Challenges: The Importance of Laser Light Interaction with Matter on Propagation Through Complex Media (Including the Interaction with ChatGPT)

Thursday, 17 August 13:30 - 15:00 
Stuart Room

Closing Toast

Thursday, 17 August 17:15 - 17:45 
Georgian Room


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