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Optica End-User Workshop at Laser Congress

13 December 2022 Barcelona International Convention Centre, Room 120, Barcelona, Catalunya Spain

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14:00 Arrival
14:30 End User presentations
16:30 “Cava” networking reception



Anthony Yu

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Area: Space Technologies

Johann Thurn

(DLR) Area: Aerospace Technologies

Nicolas Riviere

(ONERA) Area: Aerospace Technologies

Zeb Barber

(Aurora) Area: LIDAR

Eduardo Margallo

(Ommatidia LIDAR) Area: LIDAR

Malcolm Wright

(Jet Propulsion Labs) Area: Free Space Optical Communications

Marc Spencer

(Air Force Research Labs) Area: High-Energy Laser Beam Control

Takao Fuji

(Toyota Technological Institute) Area: Laser Science

Lahsen Assoufid

(Argonne National Lab) Area: Metrology

Xiaoming Shang

(Candela Medical) Area: Medical Lasers for Cosmetic Surgery


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