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Optica Photonic Devices Industry Summit at ficonTEC

05 - 06 September, 2023

Achim, Germany

Alexey Kovsh

Alfalume, CEO and Co-founder

Quantum Dot Photonics Platform for Cloud Networking, AI clusters, Free Space Communication and FMCW LiDARs
About the Speaker
Alexey received his scientific degrees, PhD and Dr.Sci. (Habil) under the guidance of Prof.Zhores Alferov, who won Nobel Prize 2000 for the invention of semiconductor double heterostructure and demonstration of the first room temperature diode laser at Ioffe Institute, known as "Soviet Union Bell Lab". From 2000 till 2003 he was a visiting scientist in ITRI, Taiwan. Together with his colleagues from Ioffe Institute, Alexey started and brought to success two photonics companies Innolume GmbH (2003) and Optogan Oy (2004) serving them in executive positions. Alexey's team at Innolume demonstrated the first semiconductor comb-laser and 10Gbps error-free transmission on each lasing line in 2007. Innolume produces and ships worldwide a broad range of photonics components based on self-assembled semiconductor Quantum Dots. Today Optogan, renamed to Klever-LED after the acquisition in 2019, is the biggest manufacturer of white LED packages in Europe. From 2015 and till Alfalume foundation in 2022 Alexey served several Tier 1 US companies in leading technical roles. 
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