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OIDA Workshop On Embedded Photonic Manufacturing for Data Centers

Larry Dennison

Director of Network Research, NVIDIA

About the Speaker
Dr. Dennison joined NVIDIA in September of 2013 and leads the Network Research Group. His current research interests include large networks of GPUs, switch micro-architectures, network-on-chip and photonic interconnects. At, NVIDIA, he was the principal investigator for the DesignForward project which was responsible for several GPU shared-memory concepts such as NVSHMEM and NCCL. His team proposed development of a GPU shared memory fabric and developed the first NVSwitch architecture. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked on software systems such as high-performance distributed applications, database scaling for the cloud and software-defined networking. He also architected and led the development of the ASIC chipset for the Avici Terabit Router which utilized a 3-D toroidal network. At BBN, Dr. Dennison was the principal investigator for MicroPathfinder, a wearable computer that connected to other wearables over a very low power RF network. Dr. Dennison holds Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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