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Cristal Laser

2020 December OIDA Technology Showcase

01 - 03 December, 2020
In-person Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

Cristal Laser

Precision Optics and Components

Cutting Edge Crystal Optics Made in France - Since 30 Years

After a short introduction to Cristal Laser’s products and capabilities, we will focus on two of their products and go over their distinct advantages:

  • LBO harmonics generators: towards a reliable solution for high-power UV lasers
  • RTP Electro-optic devices: a proven solution for defense, space, and more.



Marc-André HerrmannInternational Sales Engineer, Cristal Laser

Marc-André Herrmann (International Sales Engineer) graduated in optical engineering from Institut d’Optique Graduate School as well as in business management from HEC Business School, both near Paris, France. After holding project management positions in several industries, he joined Cristal Laser in 2004 and has been serving the company in sales and management roles until 2012 which gave him a worldwide sales experience. He now acts as an independent sales agent. After being the country manager in France for II-VI Infrared between 2013 and 2016, he now takes care of target markets or areas in America, Europe and the Pacific rim on behalf of Cristal Laser.


Company Profile

Cristal Laser is a French-based SME with a 30-year history that grows and fabricates high-quality non-linear optical crystals such as LBO, KTP, KTA and for electro-optic Pockels cells, RTP crystals. These crystals are used in many areas: Laser Surgery, Life Sciences, Security and Defence, as well as for material processing applications.

Our progress in crystal growth has enabled us to increase the size and weight of the LBO boules : we now can fabricate LBO parts with a 100mm aperture, which are dedicated to high-energy laser systems.

Since 2006, our clean room facility ensures the best product cleanliness. Our first-class metrology equipment guarantees that our products meet the highest quality standards: ZYGO Interferometers, Photo-Thermal Common-path Interferometer for absorption measurements, AFM.

Cristal Laser has been involved involved in many high tech/R&D programs and in various Aerospace projects (the Curiosity and Perseverance Rovers on Mars, Aeolus- to name a few).

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