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Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

Registration waivers for emerging economies.

A diverse and inclusive meeting experience.

Since 2020, when Optica events were first presented online in a virtual format, our meetings have become more diverse and inclusive. In the first year of virtual meetings, 90,000 presenters and registrants participated from more than 115 countries — many of whom were participating in one of our meetings for the very first time.

Optica continues to leverage new opportunities to connect our global community. We now offer waived registration for any Optica Member who resides in an emerging economy country. These individuals can participate either in person or online for free. (This offer applies to members residing in Tier 1 nations as defined by Optica Membership.)

By minimizing financial barriers, we ensure the best components of an Optica meeting — learning, connecting and sharing — are accessible to all.

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