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Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

20 - 24 October, 2024

Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay
Osaka, Japan

Call for Papers extended to 02 July.

Deadline: 02 July 2024, 12:00

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Reserve your room at the Grand Prince Hotel Osaka Bay.

Deadline: 18 September 2024, 23:59

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Optica thanks the Local Organizing Committee for their support.

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In the 60 years since the first demonstration of the Laser, continuous progress in the development of lasers has led to numerous new applications and capabilities and this progress is continuing today.

This conference provides a comprehensive view of the latest advances in solid state laser development along with recent new applications. Of high interest are the high order nonlinear effects made possible by the development of ultra-high brightness and high power radiation sources. Also covered are other sophisticated applications of numerous highly capable solid state sources and associated devices for free space and quantum communications, LIDAR for autonomous vehicles, beam steering, materials modification such as laser peening, micro-machining, and brittle material processing. The exhibition features the latest products resulting from these advances.

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