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Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference
Laser Applications Conference

Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference

  • Chengyong Feng, University of RochesterUNITED STATES
    Cascaded Second-order Nonlinearities in Regenerative Amplifiers  
  • Thierry Georges, France
    Pr :YLF Monolithic Diode-pumped Solid-state Lasers  
  • Philippe Goldner, Centre National Recherche ScientifiqueFrance
    Doped Crystals for Optical Quantum Technologies  
  • Christian Grebing, Active Fiber Systems GmbHGermany
    Multipass Cells for Few-cycle Pulses  
  • Jaismeen Kaur, Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée (LOA)France
    Pulse Shortening and Temporal Contrast Enhancement in Multipass Cells  
  • Ursula Keller, ETH ZurichSwitzerland
    Dual-comb Optically Pumped Semiconductor Thin Disk Lasers at a Center Wavelength of 2 μm  
  • Jens Limpert, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGermany
    Nonlinear Pulse Compression at 2 um  
  • Sebastien Montant, CEA CestaFrance
    MegaJoule Laser  
  • Pavel Peterka, Institute of Photonics and ElectronicsCZECH REPUBLIC
    2 µm Active Fibers and Fiber Lasers  
  • Anne-Lise Viotti, Lunds UniversitetSweden
    Pulse Compression in Multi-pass Cells  
  • Huaijin Zhang, Shandong UniversityChina
    Optical Floating Zone Growth of Highly Melting Oxide Crystals  

Laser Applications Conference

  • Lloyd Hackel, Curtiss-Wright Surface TechnologiesUNITED STATES
  • Robert Afzal, Lockheed Martin Aculight CorpUNITED STATES
    Lockheed Martin Layered Laser Defense Overview and Field Test Result  
  • Maximilian Backenstoss, DatenBerg GmbHGermany
    Online Data Analytics in Additive Manufacturing - a Structured Approach  
  • Sandra Biedron, Directed Energy Professional SocietyUNITED STATES
    The Directed Energy Professional Society and Directed Energy ST&E  
  • Fred Carter, DMG MORI Advanced SolutionsUNITED STATES
    Towards a More Efficient Single Laser SLM Machine – leveraging in Process Monitoring and High Throughput Inspection  
  • Bai Cui, University of Nebraska LincolnUNITED STATES
    Laser Shock Peening of Ceramic Materials: New Applications and Mechanisms  
  • Jonathan Ellis, Micro LAM Technologies Inc.UNITED STATES
    Laser Assisted Diamond Turing  
  • Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
    Developing Directed Energy Weapons to Operate Across a Range of Atmospheric Conditions  
  • Laurent Gallais, Fresnel Institut
    Measurement of Optical Coatings Absorption and Simulations of Photo-induced Modifications of Spectral Function Under High Power CW Laser Exposition  
  • Bryan Germann, Aerotech IncUNITED STATES
    Laser Processing Macro-size Components with Sub-micrometer Feature Size & Precision  
  • Lloyd Hackel, Curtiss-Wright Surface TechnologiesUNITED STATES
    Laser Peening with an SBS Phase Conjugated Nd:glass Laser System  
  • Dennis Hammons, Coherent Applications, IncUNITED STATES
    Directed Energy Overview  
  • Martin Hermatschweiler, Nanoscribe GmbHGermany
    Laser Based Additive Manufacturing of Diffractive and Refractive Optics  
  • Tsuneto Kanai, Kyoto UniversityJapan
    Supercontinuum-seeded 4-micron KTA Optical Parametric Amplifier for Seeding a High Energy Fe:ZnSe Multipass Amplifier and Related Applications in Particle Physics  
  • Arvydas Kausas, RIKEN SPring-8 CenterJapan
    Advancing Laser Systems through Optimal Direct Bonding: Insights into Laser-Induced Damage Threshold Variability  
  • Rich Klein, GF Machining Solutions LLCUNITED STATES
    Laser Texturing and Micromachining: State of the Art Ultrashort Laser Processing of Complex 3D Surfaces  
  • Sandro Klingebiel, TRUMPF Scientific Laser GmbH + Co KGGermany
    Multipass Cell Based Spectral Broadening of High Energy and High Average Power Thin-Disk Amplifiers  
  • Martin Kohse , Fraunhofer IPTGermany
    Laser Induced Structures - Functionalization of Medical Component surfaces  
    New Class of GaN-based Laser Technology for Mobility Applications  
  • Tony Lee, Coherent CorpUNITED STATES
    Best Optic and Process for Glass Cutting by Filamentation with Ultra-short Pulse Laser  
  • Roark Marsh , US Department of EnergyUNITED STATES
    Summary of the Basic Research Needs Workshop on Laser Technology  
  • Benjamin Mills, University of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
    How to Train You Laser  
  • Eric Mottay, AmplitudeUNITED STATES
    High Average Power Femtosecond Lasers for Surface Processing  
  • Mamiko Nishiuchi, National Inst. Quantum & Rad Sc & TechJapan
    Enhanced ion Acceleration from Transparency-driven Foils Demonstrated at Two Ultra-intense Laser Facilities  
  • Igor Pogorelsky, Brookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
    Opportunities with Multi-terawatt Long-wave infrared Lasers  
  • Alexandre RONDEPIERRE, Osaka University - Riken SPRING-8Japan
    Laser Peening Applied at Hundred Hertz range: Challenges and Demonstration  
  • Andreas Rudolf, PRIMES GmbHGermany
    Next Level Characterization of Scanning Laser Beams – How Precise in-line Knowledge of the Laser Scan Field Pushes Quality in Powder Bed Fusion  
  • Tomokazu Sano, Osaka UniversityJapan
    Influence of Pulse Duration on Mechanical Properties and Dislocation Density of Dry Laser Peened Aluminum Alloy using Ultrashort pulsed Laser-driven Shock Wave  
  • Lawrence Shah, Luminar TechnologiesUNITED STATES
    Laser Component Requirements for Enabling Consumer Grade Automotive LIDAR  
  • Christophe Simon-Boisson, Thales Laser SAFrance
    High Repetition Rate & High Peak Power Lasers for Laser Plasma Accelerators and Their Applications  
  • Simon Thiele, Printoptix GmbHGermany
    Fabrication of Optical Components by Sub-micron Accurate Laser 3D Printing  
  • Craig Ungaro, Corning IncUNITED STATES
    Industrial Applications of Ultrafast Laser Processing for Transparent Materials: Welding, Cutting, and Polishing  
  • Alexander Wittmann, Universität Erlangen-NürnbergGermany
    Additive Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Structures by Directed Energy Deposition with a Thulium-Doped Fiber Laser  
  • Hitoki Yoneda, University of Electro-CommunicationsJapan
    New Gas Optics for High Power Laser Applications  
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