Event and Meeting Grants

The Optica Foundation provides a variety of scholarships and grants to students and early career professionals in addition to several with the aim of improving equity and inclusion.

Family Care Grants

Grants of up to US $400 per family, per calendar year are available to assist members who need to bring family members to selected Optica-managed meetings or conferences, who incur extra expenses if leaving them at home (e.g., extra day care or babysitting services, dependent care, etc), or need assistance at a meeting due to a disability. Grants of up to $200 are available for attendance of virtual Congress or Topical meeting. Grants may only be used for a single Optica-sponsored meeting or conference.

Grant recipients are solely responsible for their choice of care provider. Optica does not endorse any care providers.

Applying for a Grant
  • Complete an application for a Grant
  • Applicants are requested to submit applications at least thirty (30) days prior to the start date of the first conference for which funds are to be used. Applications received closer to the conference date may not receive consideration. Grant recipients will be notified prior to the conference.
Allowable Expenses

Eligible costs include care providers (onsite at the conference location or extra expenses for additional family care at home) and airfare/hotel for a caregiver to accompany the family member to the conference location. 

Not eligible for reimbursement: Meals, toys, onsite transportation and tickets to museums or other attractions are not eligible for reimbursement. Normal family care expenses (nanny, babysitter, after school care, nurse, etc) not related to attendance at the meeting or conference are not eligible for reimbursement.

Receiving a Reimbursement
  • Submit a reimbursement request form
  • Attach original receipts
  • Deadline: Reimbursement forms should be submitted as soon as possible after the close of each conference for which funds are requested.  Due to fiscal reporting requirements, OSA is unable to honor reimbursement requests received after 30 November.

Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.