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Student Programs

With a global network of 7,000 student members participating in over 400 chapters in 61 countries, student programs and volunteer opportunities are your launch pad into the optics and photonics industry.

Joining the society provides access to career-building networking opportunities, industry-defining conferences and events and cutting-edge research.

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Mentoring Principles & Success Conditions

Mentoring is evolving beyond the usual mentor(senior)-mentee(junior) dialogue. To fully benefit from this powerful practice, it is key to go back to mentoring fundamentals and then update strategically the practice for 21st century needs. The objective of this series is to widen views beyond tradition and to ensure participants have good foundations to start a mentoring relationship or programme. Sessions: 1) Mentoring principles & success conditions Définitions and how different mentoring is to other practices (teaching/training, consulting, coaching, managing). Success factors and benefits of a mentoring relationship. Ethics of mentoring.

How to Manage Your Emotions and Build Resilience

Last year brought many challenging situations. How we handle our emotions when reacting to these situations is not easy, especially when it feels like the bad news is compounding: an experiment doesn’t work, your supervisor is setting unrealistic expectations, your paper was rejected ...oh and there’s a pandemic too. We will look at the science of our emotions and how we can better manage our emotions to become more resilient. When we cannot control what’s happening around us, we will find the power to control the way we respond to it.

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