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Early Career Professional Programs

The Society offers a variety of programs and resources for our Early Career Professional members. We support and engage members through interactive workshops, online resources and volunteer opportunities. We provide members diverse, career-building experiences and facilitates valuable networking opportunities with top researchers and Industry leaders from around the world.

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How to Avoid Burnout and Find Balance in Your Career

As academics, we are very passionate about our work. Our research becomes our lifestyle where most of our waking hours are spent working on or thinking about, our research project and related tasks. While this can be extremely interesting and rewarding, it also leaves us more susceptible to high stress levels that are unsustainable and can lead to burnout. We will walk you through what burnout is, how to recognize the symptoms and contributors and ultimately, find balance in your career.

Personal Branding: A Career Fad or a Must Have?

More and more career professionals including scientists are having their say on social media - shouting about what they stand for and what is important to them. But does having a personal brand add value in the eyes of employers, or is it just a distraction? We will explore the importance of getting the balance right and what you should be doing to stand out.

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