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Industry Workshops


A premier event for optical communications and networking leaders, the Industry workshops offer a unique opportunity for speakers and the audience to strengthen collaborations across the ecosystem and build a more effective business.

Invited speakers will discuss their first-hand experiences on a specific topic sharing the critical challenges they faced along the way, presenting key technologies, cost requirements, and insights on emerging trends. The workshop, moreover, will address the current vital realities and issues surrounding this timely topic.

Don't miss this exclsuive opportunity to learn and contribute to the discussion through interactive panel sessions.


View Past Events

2021 Industry Workshop on Developments in Co-Packaging Technologies for Data Centers

2020 Industry Workshop on Embedded Photonic Manufacturing for Data Centers

2019 Industry Forum on Optics in Autonomy

2018 Industry Workshop on on Scalable Integrated Photonics for 5G and IoT


Browse our growing list of upcoming industry events and view on-demand webinar recordings as they become available. 

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