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Individual Industry Workshops

Optica Individual Industry Member programming offers a tailored experience for professionals within the optics and photonics community. Participants gain exclusive access to cutting-edge research, industry insights, and collaborative opportunities. This specialized program fosters networking among experts, facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting advancements in optical science. Members benefit from targeted events, workshops, and resources, enhancing their expertise and contributing to the growth of the optics industry.  

Optica technical communities bring together members from around the globe to help foster lasting, valuable connections.

Optica members are encouraged to join technical groups in their areas of interest, which offer:

  • Exclusive networking events for a chance to connect with fellow members
  • Special events with tailored programming at Optica meetings
  • Technical webinars presented weekly by leaders in the field and over 200 webinars available to watch on demand
  • Online forums to engage in discussions with members across the globe
  • Focused information on the latest news and developments in the field
  • Opportunities to explore emerging topics in the group’s subfield of optics and photonics

With 46 different technical groups to select from, you can be sure to find a community offering the latest news, information and events of interest to you.

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Browse our growing list of upcoming events and view on-demand webinar recordings as they become available. 

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