International Engineers Week Webinar Series

Join us to celebrate our international engineers on the 25 - 29th April as we honor the engineering workforce of the future by hosting programs to increase the interest and understanding of engineering careers. This webinar series features esteemed global speakers in various career paths.

Check out the full schedule below and be sure to register for a great week of programming.


Monday, 25 April, 10:00 EDT
Hamidreza Ramezani
Forging the Topological States



Monday, 25 April, 13:00 EDT
Márcio Alencar
Optical thermometry based on inorganic micro
and nanocrystals doped with lanthanide ions

Tuesday, 26 April, 11:00 EDT
Teresa Monteiro
Are you an explorer or a settler? Career strategies in optical networking



Tuesday, 26 April, 15:00 EDT
Ahmet Akosman
Optical research at primarily undergraduate institutions: Ultrafast fiber lasers & negative curvature optical fibers


Wednesday, 27 April 13:00 EDT
Jun Shan Wey
Discover a surprising career in international standards development



Thursday, 28 April, 11:00 EDT
Benjamin Cromey
Designing achievable optical systems for the lab and for space


Thursday, 28 April, 13:00 EDT
Pierre Berini
Plasmonic (metal) nanostructures and their applications in nanophotonics



Thursday, 28 April, 15:00 EDT
Veronica Vicuña Hernandez
Complex optical components based on geometric phase


Friday, 29 April, 12:00 EDT
Murat Deveci
Engineering Challenges with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses


Friday, 29 April, 14:00 EDT
Simone Piacentini
Integrated quantum photonic platform by femtosecond laser waveguide writing





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