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Fiber Modeling and Fabrication

This technical group covers modeling and fabrication of optical fibers for applications including telecommunication, optical networking, sensing and others.


Fiber Modeling and Fabrication (FF)

The scope of the Optica Fiber Modeling and Fabrication Technical Group covers modeling and fabrication of optical fibers for applications that include telecommunication, optical networking, sensing and others.





Making the First Low Loss Optical Fibers for Communications: A Firsthand Perspective

When: 17 November 2021, 11:00 EST (UTC - 05:00)

In 1972, the first practical low loss optical fiber was produced having a germania-doped multi-mode core and silica cladding. As co-inventor of these original fibers, Dr. Peter Schultz will describe in detail the experimental successes and failures involved in making them. Although the general story is well known and has already been published in several technical articles and books, this webinar will focus on lessons learned in the quest of this seemingly (circa 1970) impossible goal.

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