Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging

29 May 2017 – 01 June 2017 Cheju Halla University, Jeju Island, South Korea

The Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging meeting provides a forum for science, technology, and applications of digital holographic, and three-dimensional imaging and display methods. Topic areas include interferometry, phase microscopy, novel holographic processes, 3D and novel displays, integral imaging, computer generated holograms, compressive holography, full-field tomography, and holography with various light sources including coherent to incoherent and X-ray to terahertz waves.  This is a highly inter-disciplinary forum with applications in biomedicine, biophotonics, nanomaterials, nanophotonics, and scientific and industrial metrologies.

A tour of the Bijarim Forest and Manjangul Lava tube will be provided on the afternoon of 30 May.  Individuals may sign oup at the Onsite Registration desk. 

Submissions will be accepted in the following topics:
  • Advances in Digital Holographic Techniques
  • 3D Imaging and Display Systems
  • Computer Generated Holograms
  • Compressive Holography
  • Transport of Intensity
  • Quantitative Phase Imaging
  • Holographic Lithography
  • Digital Holographic Microscopy
  • Digital Holographic Optical Processing
  • Metrology and Profilometry
  • Holographic Remote Sensing Techniques
  • Fourier Transform Light scattering
  • Biomedical/Clinical / Medical applications
  • Novel Applications of Digital Holography
Partha Banerjee, University of DaytonUnited StatesReferenceless holography Using Transport of Intensity and its Applications, Tutorial

Pascal Picart, LAUM CNRS Université du MaineFranceSpeckle Noise in Digital Holographic Images: Genesis and Reduction Methods, Tutorial

Joseph Rosen, Ben Gurion University of the NegevIsraelFINCH and Other Methods of Incoherent Digital Holography , Tutorial

Tatiana Alieva, Universidad Complutense de MadridSpainQuantitative Imaging with Partially Coherent Illumination: Problems and Solutions, Invited

Yasuhiro Awatsuji, Kyoto Institute of TechnologyJapan3D Imaging of Dynamic Object by Parallel Phase-shifting Digital Holography, Invited

Gary Brooker, Johns Hopkins UniversityUnited Statesrecent Developments in Finch Holography and its Application for Biomedical Imaging, Invited

Wonshik Choi, Korea UniversitySouth KoreaSimultaneous Suppression of Scattering and Aberration for Ultra-high Resolution Imaging Deep Within Scattering Media, Invited

Jean-Michel Desse, Office Natl d'Etudes Rech AerospatialesFranceFull 3D Reconstruction of Refractive Index in Flow with Digital Holographic Tomography, Invited

Yves Emery, Lyncee Tec SAThe Development and Achievement of Industrial Digital Holographic Microscopes by Lyncée, Invited

Frank Fan, AFC Technology Co., LtdChinaHolographic Display of Digital Light Field, Invited

Björn Kemper, University of MuensterGermanyDigital Holographic Microscopy as Multifunctional Tool Box for Live Cell Imaging, Invited

Jinwoong Kim, Electronics and Telecom Research InstSouth Korea360-degree Tabletop Color Holographic Display, Invited

Yong Li, Zhejiang Normal UniversityChinaTitle to be Announced, Invited

Naveen Nishchal, Indian Institute of Technology PatnaIndia3D Security, Invited

Yusuke Ogura, Osaka UniversityJapanComputer Generated Holograms Generating Subdiffraction Limit Optical Patterns , Invited

Gabriel Popescu, Univ of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUnited StatesTitle to be Announced, Invited

Peter Schelkens, Vrije Universiteit BrusselA Roadmap towards Holographic Television from a Signal Processing Perspective, Invited

Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, Chiba UniversityJapanPoint Cloud-based Hologram Calculation: WASABI and WRP Methods, Invited

Koki Wakunami, NICTJapanTitle to be Announced, Invited

Yongtian Wang, Beijing Institute of TechnologyChinaColor Dynamic Holographic 3D Displays: Approaches and Systems , Invited

Abbie Watnik, US Naval Research LaboratoryUnited StatesPulsed Holographic Imaging through Dense Fog, Invited

Fucai Zhang, University College LondonUnited KingdomConvergence and Robustness Improvement of Phase Retrieval via Wave Modulation, Invited

Hao Zhang, Tsinghua UniversityChinaPhotorealistic Computer-generated Holograms Using Layer Based Processing, Invited

Wenjing Zhou, Shanghai UniversityChinaPhase Retrieval Using Transport of Intensity along with a Digital Hologram, Invited

Malgorzata Kujawinska, Politechnika WarszawskaPolandSpatio-temporal Multiplexing in Digital Holographic Microscopy and Holographic Displays , Keynote

Nelson Tabirian, United StatesDigital Polarization Holography Using Liquid Crystals, Keynote


Hoonjong KangKorea Electronics Technology Institute, South Korea
Byoungho LeeSeoul National University, South Korea

Program Chair

Tomasz KozackiWarsaw University of Technology, Poland
Guohai SituShanghai Inst. Opt. Fine Mech., China


Percival AlmoroUniversity of the Philippines-Diliman, Philippines
Partha BanerjeeUniversity of Dayton, United States
Liangcai CaoTsinghua University, China
Chau-Jern ChengNational Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Daping ChuUniversity of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Konstantinos FalaggisWarsaw University of Technology, Poland
Pietro FerraroCNR Inst Appl Sciences & Intelligent Sys, Italy
Marc GeorgesUniversite de Liege, Belgium
Yoshio HayasakiUtsunomiya University, Japan
Björn KemperUniversity of Muenster, Germany
Myung KimUniversity of South Florida, United States
Taegeun KimSejong University, South Korea
Juan LiuBeijing Institute of Technology, China
Kyoji MatsushimaKansai University, Japan
Fernando Mendoza-SantoyoCentro de Investigaciones en Optica AC, Mexico
George NehmetallahCatholic University of America, United States
Wolfgang OstenUniversität Stuttgart, Germany
Jae-Hyeung ParkInha University, South Korea
Pascal PicartLAUM CNRS Université du Maine, France
Peter SchelkensVrije Universiteit Brussel
Yunlong ShengUniversite Laval, Canada
Elena StoykovaInst Optical Materials & Tech to the BAS, Bulgaria
Lei TianBoston University
David TowersUniversity of Warwick, United Kingdom
Peter TsangCity University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Wei WangHeriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Abbie WatnikUS Naval Research Laboratory, United States
Hiroshi YoshikawaNihon University, Japan
Changhe ZhouShanghai Inst of Optics and Fine Mech

Advisory Committee

Ting-Chung Poon, Virginia Tech, USA 
Kehar Singh, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India 
Toyohiko Yatagai, Utsunomiya University, Japan

Malgorzata Kujawinska

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Spatio-temporal Multiplexing in Digital Holographic Microscopy and Holographic Displays
Wednesday, 31 May, 08:00

Abstract: The tremendous development in opto-electronic and image processing pushed digital holography (DH) new perspectives: i t is applied with success in optical metrology, microscopy and 3D holographic displays. However in each of these applications the limited space bandwidth product of both recorded and reconstructed DH(s) is still a significant problem. In this talk we will discuss different concepts and implementations of spatio-temporal multiplexing methods which are able to support wide angle 3D imaging in holographic displays and quantitative phase imaging of big biological samples (group of cells, tissues, bacteria colonies) with high resolution and extended-depth-of-focus by means of DH microscopy and tomographic phase microscopy.

Biography:  Malgorzata Kujawinska PhD DSc., SPIE Fellow, Full Professor of applied optics at Warsaw University of Technology, head of Photonics Engineering Division at Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics. Expert in full-field optical metrology and 3D imaging, hybrid opto-numerical methods in mechanics, image processing, automatic data analysis for metrology and multimedia, design of novel photonics measurement and display systems. She has been involved in the optical metrology topics since 1980 including: development of interferometric, holographic, grating interferometry, digital holography and holographic  tomography, digital image correlation and structured light based methods. Author of one monograph, several book chapters and more than 200 papers in international scientific journals. She had been the SPIE President in 2005 and  the Vice-President of European Technology Platform Photonics 21 (2005-2016). She is the recipient of SPIE 2013 Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology.

Nelson Tabiryan

Beam Engineering for Advanced Measurements Co. (BEAM Co.), USA
Manipulating Light and Images with 4G Optics: Digital Polarization Holography Using Liquid Crystals
Monday, 29 May, 08:30

Abstract: Near 100% broadband efficiency of polarization holograms provides opportunities for shaping light beams, imaging, and displays. Thin, flexible and switchable between different optical states and functions, novel optical components and systems are smarter than ever.

Biography: Nelson Tabiryan, is the CEO of Beam Engineering for Advanced Measurements Co. founded in 1996. He received his Ph.D. (1982) and Doctor of Sciences (1986) degrees from top academic institutions in the USSR. He has been chairman, co-chairman and program committee member of many major international meetings related to liquid crystal optics, materials, and applications. Over 250 publications, numerous invited and keynote presentations, seminars and tutorials. Principal investigator of numerous advanced projects with the US Government and industry. OSA Fellow, NIAC Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow. Leads liquid crystal, LC polymer based fourth generation optics (diffractive waveplate) technology development.


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