Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena

27 June 2016 – 29 June 2016 Washington, District of Columbia United States

pcAOP is a forum for the presentation of research in the physics of light propagation in either the atmosphere or ocean, to include distributed volume turbulence,  gravity waves, vortex shedding, stably stratified turbulence, persistent eddies, and cloud /aerosol/vapor scattering and absorption, refractive effects, such as mirages and over-the -horizon viewing, as well as characterization of these phenomena. The program, including 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches, will be held at OSA Headquarters, 2010 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20036. The welcome dinner will be held at a local resturant. All meals are included in the registration fee.

In this forum, we discuss the physics of light propagating through the atmosphere and ocean to include not only distributed volume turbulence but also large scale meteorological phenomena such as gravity waves, vortex shedding, stably stratified turbulence, persistent eddies, and cloud /aerosol/vapor scattering and absorption, mirages, and over-the -horizon viewing. Since propagating through atmospheric and oceanic phenomena is a new field of research, this forum expedites collaboration and cultivates a multidisciplinary exchange of information designed to expand our understanding of the full complexity and interactions of distributed volume effects, drawing upon the most recent results from the fields of boundary layer physics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, meteorology, adaptive optics, laser sciences and singular optics.

  • Distributed volume turbulence: Kolmogorov and non-Kolmogorov turbulence, Optical beam properties: scintillation, phase variance, branch points, etc.
  • Turbulence-induced photonic orbital angular momentum: Turbulence-induced optical vortices, transmission and decoherence of OAM states, OAM Sensors
  • Meteorological/Oceanographic phenomena: Refractive layers, boundary layer measurements, stratified turbulence, gravity waves, vortex shedding, large scale eddies, micro-meteorology, cloud/aerosol extinction, mirages, over-the -horizon viewing,
  • Atmospheric modeling and simulation: Multi-phenomena atmospheric characterization and computationally efficient methods to incorporate physically realistic characterization into M&S for tasks like Numerical Weather Prediction.
Sukanta Basu, North Carolina State University, USA, On the Scaling-based Estimation of Optical Turbulence in the Atmosphere, Invited

Santasri Basu, AFIR, USA, Estimation of Atmospheric Refractive Index Gradient Variations and Cn2 from Time-lapse Imagery, Invited

Robert Holz, University of Wisconsin, USA, Invited

Olga Korotkova, University of Miami, USA, Invited 

Sonia Kredenweis, Colorado State University, USA, Invited (presented by Sam Atwood, Colorado State University, USA) 

Steven Miller, Colorado State University, USA, A Multidisciplinary Research Program to Advance Littoral Zone Aerosol Observation and Prediction, Invited

Miichael Roggemann, MTU, USA, Invited

Sue Van Den Heever, Colorado State University, USA, Invited (presented by Adele Igel, Colorado State University, USA) 

David Voelz, NMSU, USA, Ray Tracing and Image Analysis for Gradient Index Media: Atmospheric Refraction ApplicationInvited

Mihkail Vorontsov, University of Dayton, USA, Laser Beam Engineering and Atmospheric Turbulence Effects Mitigation with Coherent Fiber Array SystemsInvited

Jun Wang, University of Nebraska, USA, An Algorithm for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of AerosolsInvited

Alan Willner, University of Southern California, USAEmulating and Mitigating Atmospheric Effects in Free-Space OAM-based Communication LinksInvited

Jianglong Zhange, University of North Dakota, USA, Development Towards a New Nighttime Aerosol Retrieval Scheme Using VIIRS DNB, Invited

Milija Zupanski, Colorado State University, USA, Advancing Littoral Zone Aerosol Data Assimilation in Regime-dependent Flows. Invited
Barchers Jeff, Nutronics
Brennan Terry, Prime Plexus
Christou Julian, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
Farrell Tom, AFRL
Fiorino Steven, AFIT
Gladysz Szymon, Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics
Gudimetla Venkata (Rao), AFRL
Hammel Steven, SPAWAR
Herrick Dan, AFRL
Kelly Pat, AFRL
Miller Kent, AFOSR
Miller Steven, Colorado State
Moses Julie, AFOSR
Muschinski Andreas, NWRA
Nelson Doug, NPS
Oesch Denis, Leidos
Rhoadarmer Troy, Guide Star Optical
Sanchez Darryl, AFRL
Schmidt Jason, MZA
Smith Julie, AFRL
Spencer Mark, AFRL
Solbrig Jeremy, Colorado State
Solna Knut, UCI
Voelz David, NMSU
Vorontsov Mihkail, UD

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