Signal Processing in Photonics Communications (SPPCom)

14 July 2013 – 17 July 2013 OSA Virtual Event

SPPCom is your home to learn about the photonic transmission technology required in communication networks of all kind - from access to long haul and submarine.

Photonic transmission technology is required in communication networks of all kinds - from access to long haul, and to submarine. Moreover, multicore or multimode optical fiber, free-space, polymer and on-chip communication channels are becoming ever more important in a broad range of applications, including data centers, sensor networks, free space communications, and feeding radio over fiber. For many bandwidth-hungry applications, simple data communications approaches, such as intensity modulation with direct detection, are no longer adequate given data impairments, increased system capacity, and required spectral efficiency. As an example, more advanced equalization and forward error correction (FEC) technologies are now penetrating into high-end metro and core networks as well as into lower-end short MMF link equipment. Significant system performance enhancement has been obtained.

Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Oracle Corporation, United States, Brutally-efficient Photonics for Future Intra-system Communications, Plenary

Guifang Li, University of Central Florida, United States, Coherent Optical Communications and Beyond, Plenary

Andreas Bisplinghoff, University of Erlangen, Germany, Carrier and Phase Recovery Algorithm for QAM Constellations: Real-time Implementations, Invited

Nicolas Fontaine, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, United States, Optical Signal Processing for Space-division Multiplexing, Invited

Toshihiko Hirooka, Tohoku University, Japan, Orthogonal TDM Using Optical Nyquist Pulses, Invited

Rongqing Hui, University of Kansas, United States, Digital Subcarrier Optical Cross-connects, Invited

Pontus Johannisson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Practical Detection Schemes for Power Efficient Modulation Formats, Invited

Tsuyoshi Konishi, Osaka University, Japan, Photonic Analog-to-Digital Conversion, Invited

Adriana Lobato Polo, Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen, Germany, Mitigation of Mode Dependent Loss for Spatial Multiplexing, Invited

Fatih Yaman, NEC Laboratories America Inc, United States, Nonlinearity Compensation for Digital Coherent Receivers, Invited

Etsushi Yamazaki, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Japan, Evolution of 100Gb/s Signal Processing Moving to Metro Applications, Invited

S. J. Ben Yoo, University of California Davis, United States, Photonic Signal Processing in Time, Frequency, and Space for Unified Elastic Optical Networking, Invited

Changyuan Yu, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Optical Performance Monitoring Based on Filtering in High-speed Optical Fiber Communication systems, Invited

Jianjun Yu, ZTE Corporation, China, Digital Signal Processing for Faster than Nyquist WDM Signal in Coherent Detection System, Invited

Hongbin Zhang, Tyco Subsea Communications, United States, Coded-modulaton for High Spectral Efficiency Undersea Transmission, Invited

Jian Zhao, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, Fast OFDM Optical Transmission Technology, Invited

General Chairs

Xiang Liu, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
Chao Lu, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong
William Shieh, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia

Program Chairs

John Cartledge, Queen's University, Canada
Seb Savory, University College, London, UK
Chongjin Xie, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, USA

Committee Members

Andrea Carena; Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Zhangyuan Chen; Peking Univ., China
Sander Lars Jansen; ADVA Optical Networking, Germany
Maxim Kuschnerov; Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany
Guifang Li; Univ. of Central Florida, USA
Shoichiro Oda; Fujitsu, Japan
Xingwen Yi; Univ. of Electronics and Science of China, China
Xiang Zhou; AT&T Labs-Research, USA
Zuquin Zhu; Univ. of Science and Technology China, China

Welcome Social Networking Reception
Monday, 15 July, 18:00-19:30
Join your fellow attendees for the 1st night of the Meeting. Enjoy appetizers and drinks while networking. This is a perfect opportunity for student and young professionals to meet leaders both in scientific community and industry.

Recent Developments in Silicon Photonics Symposium
Monday, 15 July, 13:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 18:00
This symposium, organized by IPR Program Committee members, focuses on new and upcoming developments in silicon photonics for tele- and data communications and features speakers from both academia and industry. This symposium will be held in two parts on Monday (13:30 – 15:30 and 16:00 – 18:00) with a coffee break between the sessions. Invited Speakers include the following individuals:

  • Photonics-Electronics Convergent System Technology, Yasuhiko Arakawa; University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Towards Large-scale Silicon Photonics Integration, Michael Watts; Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, USA
  • High Speed GeSi Electro-absorption Modulator: Technology and Applications, Dazeng Feng; Kotura, Inc., USA
  • Ge/SiGe Quantum Well Optical Modulators, Delphine Marris-Morini; Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale, France
  • III-V on Silicon Hybrid Tunable Lasers, Alban Leliepvre; Alcatel-Thales III-V Laboratory, France
  • Towards High-Performance Monolithic Ge-on Si Lasers for Integrated Photonics, Jifeng Liu; Dartmouth College, USA
  • Photonic Wire Bonding: An Enabling Technology for Heterogeneous Multi-chip Integration, Christian Koos; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Silicon Integrated Quantum Photonics, Mark Thompason, University of Bristol, Australia

General Session with Plenary Speakers
Tuesday, 16 July, 8.30 – 10:00
The Plenary session will feature two speakers - both experts in their respective fields. Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy (Oracle Labs, USA) will present on Brutally-efficient Photonics for Future Intra-system Communications. Following this presentation, Guifang Li (Univ. of Central Florida, USA) will discuss Coherent Optical Communications and Beyond.

  • Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy, Oracle Labs, Brutally-efficient Photonics for Future Intra-system Communications
  • Guifang Li, University of Central Florida, USA, Coherent Optical Communications and Beyond

Joint Poster Sessions
Tuesday, 16 July, 13:30-15:00
Posters are an integral part of the technical program and offer a unique networking opportunity, where presenters can discuss their results one-to-one with interested parties. Each author is provided with a 4 ft. × 8 ft. (1.22 m × 2.44 m) board on which to display the summary and results of his or her paper.

Congress Reception
Tuesday, 16 July, 18:30 – 20.00
Join your fellow attendees for the Congress Reception. Enjoy delectable fare while networking. The reception is open to committee/presenting author/student and full conference attendees. Conference attendees may purchase extra tickets for their guest.

Workshop on Integrated Isolators
Wednesday, 17 July, 09:15 – 10:00 and 10:30 – 12:00
This workshop, organized by the IPR Program Committee will be held in two parts on Monday (09:15 – 10:00 and 10:30 - 12:00) with a coffee break between the sessions. Invited speakers include the following individuals:

  • Tutorial: Integrated Optical Isolators: An Introduction, Roel G. Baets; Universiteit Gent, Belgium
  • Nonreciprocal Phase Shift Isolator, Fan Shanhui; Stanford University, USA
  • Magnetooptical Materials for Integrated Nonreciprocal Devices, Caroline Ross; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • On-chip Isolator for Telecom, Christopher Doerr; Acacia Communications, USA

Topic Categories

  • Advanced modulation formats and detection schemes
  • Clock, carrier, and phase recovery in coherent receivers
  • Channel equalization and compensation
  • Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)
  • Nyquist signaling
  • Advanced forward error correction
  • Signal processing for space-division multiplexing
  • MIMO algorithms and implementations
  • Real-time demonstration of high-speed electronic circuits and subsystems
  • DSP complexity and power consumption
  • Channel estimation, distortion identification, and performance monitoring
  • Signal processing techniques for access networks

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