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2019 Fellows

The Society is pleased to announce the new Fellow Members for 2019. This distinction was awarded to 98 members for their significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics. The selection of these candidates was confirmed by the Board of Directors at its meeting in September 2018.

The Society appreciates the efforts of the many nominators and references. We also extend special thanks to the members of the Fellow Members Committee who reviewed the 199 nominations: Ingmar Hartl (Chair), Edward A. Watson (Past-Chair), Aref Chowdhury, Gabriella Cincotti, Nancy J. Coletta, Nobuyuki Hashimoto, Ray-Hua Horng, Deb Kane, Cedric F. Lam, Laura Lechuga, Chao Lu, John H. Marsh, Manyalibo Matthews, Juan Carlos Miñano and Xin Zhang.

2019 Fellow Members:

Geoffrey Aguirre
Geoffrey K. Aguirre
University of Pennsylvania, United States
For fundamental and technically sophisticated non-invasive measurements of retinal and cortical visual processing in healthy humans, and translation of the understanding gained from these measurements to the characterization and treatment of blinding disease
Eugene Arthurs
Eugene G. Arthurs
United States
For outstanding leadership in the optics community, expanding optics activities globally, and advocating optics to government and corporate entities on the world stage
Sasa Bajt
Saša Bajt
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Germany
For major contributions to EUV and X-ray optics
Martin S. Banks
University of California, Berkeley, United States
For fundamental scientific advances in visual development, binocular and spatial vision, and sensory integration
Jiming Bao
University of Houston, United States
For contributions to semiconductor and metallic nanostructures and their applications in nanophotonics and solar energy harvesting
Alexey Belyanin
Texas A&M University, United States
For outstanding contributions to the optics of semiconductors, nanostructures, and emerging optoelectronic materials, and for development of novel lasers and other optoelectronic devices in the mid-infrared and terahertz spectral range
Pierre Berini
University of Ottawa, Canada
For scientific achievements that have led to remarkable new insights in the field of nanophotonics, including pioneering contributions to surface plasmon photonics
Karsten Buse
Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM and University of Freiburg, Germany
For seminal work on the optical properties and device applications of lithium niobate
Paul Campagnola
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
For advancing nonlinear optical microscopy for biological applications, focusing on Second Harmonic Generation imaging of diseased states and multiphoton excited polymerization for fabricating tissue engineered scaffolds
Ji-Xin Cheng
Boston University, United States
For outstanding contributions to invention and development of label-free optical spectroscopic imaging technologies with groundbreaking applications to biology, medicine and materials science
Richard N. Claytor
Fresnel Technologies Inc., United States
For entrepreneurial leadership, product innovation, and commercialization of optical products, particularly high-quality Fresnel lenses with wide practical applicability in optical systems such as the passive infrared motion detectors ubiquitous in security and lighting control
Nadir Dagli
University of California, Santa Barbara, United States
For modeling of photonic integrated circuits and development of ultra-low voltage and wide bandwidth electro-optic modulators
Judith Dawes
Macquarie University, Australia
For significant innovative research contributions to lasers, rare-earth doped laser materials and biomedical laser applications, as well as substantial professional promotion of physics and optics education in Australia and beyond
Jay W. Dawson
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States
For leadership, innovations, and contributions to the understanding of fiber laser power scaling limits, development of spectrally selective fiber waveguiding structures for Nd3+ fibers, and lasers for future accelerators
Hui Deng
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States
For pioneering contributions to fundamental physics and applications of matter-light coupled systems including polariton condensation, polariton lasers, atomic quantum memories and site-controlled gallium nitride quantum dots
Shengwang Du
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
For pioneering contributions in photon-atom quantum interaction, including generation and manipulation of narrowband biphotons, observation of optical precursors, and realization of nontraditional quantum heat engines
Daniele Faccio
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
For pioneering experiments and the study of analogue Hawking radiation from optical systems where an intense filament of light creates an effective curved spacetime that mimics the curvature at the horizon of a black hole
Liang Feng
University of Pennsylvania, United States
For outstanding pioneering scientific contributions to the field of non-Hermitian photonics and its applications in integrated nanophotonics and optoelectronics
Steve Frisken
Cylite and Finisar Australia, Australia
For seminal contributions as a researcher, inventor and entrepreneur
Peter Fritschel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
For advances in quantum-limited precision measurement in the Advanced LIGO detectors, leading to the first direct detection of gravitational waves
Yun Fu
Northeastern University, United States
For outstanding and sustained achievements in image and video processing, optical pattern recognition, imaging and sensing
Lukas Gallmann
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
For major and sustained contributions to the generation of few-cycle laser pulses, their application in attosecond science and the extension of attosecond science towards condensed matter
Enrique J. Galvez
Colgate University, United States
For outstanding research in classical and quantum optics, in particular on the topic of complex light; and for developing educational optics laboratories and involving undergraduates in research
Mircea Guina
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
For outstanding contributions to the advance of semiconductor lasers, in particular vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers (VECSELs), and leadership in optoelectronics technology, covering epitaxy, applications, and entrepreneurship
Kiichi Hamamoto
Kyushu University, Japan
For pioneering contributions to opto-electronic device, photonic integration circuit technologies for optical communications and sensing, their fabrication technologies including crystal growth and dry-etching, and contributions to academic societies
Tayyaba Hasan
Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, United States
For pioneering advances in the broader field of photobiology, in particular for innovations in the application of photophysical and photochemical tools for bench to bedside translation in photodynamic therapy and imaging, incorporation of photodynamic therapy for global health applications and spear-heading and establishing the field of targeted photodynamic therapy
Jr-Hau He
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
For pioneering contributions to optoelectronic device technologies, particularly in light harvesting devices and their applications to energy
Markus Hehlen
Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States
For major contributions to the field of rare-earth-doped optical materials for scintillators, upconversion phosphors, and optical refrigeration
Roger Helkey
University of California, Santa Barbara, United States
For technical leadership and innovative contributions to MEMS optical switches and microwave photonics
Amr S. Helmy
University of Toronto, Canada
For pioneering contributions in utilizing chi 2 nonlinearities in semiconductors for classical and quantum applications
Ronald Holzwarth
Menlo Systems GmbH and Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany
For having a pivotal role in the realization and commercialization of optical frequency combs
Hong Hua
University of Arizona, United States
For development of innovative 3D display technologies, complex visualization systems, and novel image acquisition systems
Yidong Huang
Tsinghua University, China
For pioneering the discovery of the threshold-less Cherenkov radiation in multilayer hyperbolic metamaterial and first demonstration of on-chip free-electron light source  
Sheng-Lung Huang
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
For contributions to glass-clad crystalline fiber based lasers and broadband light sources for optical coherence tomography
Rupert Huber
University of Regensburg, Germany
For groundbreaking contributions to ultrafast terahertz science and technology, in particular, subcycle control of matter, lightwave electronics, and ultrafast nanoscopy
Richard A. Hutchin
Optical Physics Company, United States
For pioneering work in optical instrumentation for astronomical and laser applications, including adaptive optics, interferometry, and phased-array imaging
M. Saif Islam
University of California, Davis, United States
For distinguished contributions to the field of photodetectors, particularly highly sensitive ultra-fast photodetectors enabled by photon-trapping micro and nanostructures for data and telecommunication
Yoonchan Jeong
Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
For pioneering contributions to optical fiber lasers through the demonstration of the world’s first kilowatt single-mode optical fiber laser and the identification of the stochastic photon dynamics in a quasi-mode-locked optical fiber laser
Animesh Jha
Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
For significant achievements in the engineering and development of novel glass and glass-ceramic materials and devices for photonic, bio-photonic applications, as well as for actively serving the optical community
Lan Jiang
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
For outstanding research and academic leadership in laser-based manufacturing, particularly the pioneering work of femtosecond laser micro/nanofabrication
Ebrahim Karimi
University of Ottawa, Canada
For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research and development of structured quantum waves, particularly singular optics, optical angular momentum, and quantum information
Mackillo Kira
University of Michigan, United States
For pioneering contributions to the theory of semiconductor quantum optics
Anders Kristensen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark
For pioneering contributions to optofluidics and applications of optical metasurfaces
Kei May Lau
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
For exceptional contributions to hetero-epitaxy of III-V on silicon by MOCVD for photonic devices
Zhongping Lee
University of Massachusetts Boston, United States
For outstanding contributions in ocean optics and ocean color remote sensing and breakthroughs in underwater visibility theory
Uli Lemmer
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
For developing a vision for an international education program in optics that appreciates its importance as an enabling technology
Christina Lim
University of Melbourne, Australia
For outstanding and sustained pioneering contributions to the research, development, and applications of fiber-wireless technology in the field of microwave photonics
Qiang Lin
University of Rochester, United States
For outstanding and sustained contributions to the research and development of nonlinear fiber optics, silicon photonics, nano-optomechanics, and integrated quantum photonics
Wenhua Lin
Intel Corporation, United States
For pioneering contributions to silicon photonics, planar lightwave/photonic integrated circuits
Hoi-Kwong Lo
University of Toronto, Canada
For ground-breaking scientific and engineering advances that have enabled photonics-based quantum key distribution to advance from a theoretical concept into demonstrably secure and readily deployable communications technology
Xiangang Luo
Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
For ground-breaking and sustained contributions to the theory of subwavelength interference, meta-surface-wave, catenary optics and their disruptive applications in Engineering Optics, especially in sub-diffraction-limited imaging and nanolithography, ultra-broadband electromagnetic absorption, and ultrathin metalenses and metamirrors
Yi Luo
Tsinghua University, China
For pioneering and outstanding contributions to the research and development of optoelectronic devices and optics for optical communications and solid-state lighting
Marjatta Lyyra
Temple University, United States
For significant contributions and leadership in experimental research in all-optical triple resonance spectroscopy and its application to frequency domain control of quantum state singlet/triplet character and all-optical spin switching
Osamu Matoba
Kobe University, Japan
For pioneering contribution in information optics, including invention of new techniques in digital holography and optical security
Anne Matsuura
Intel Corporation, United States
For exceptional contributions to the support and advancement of optical sciences and technologies, through the development of national and international activities of government, industry, and academic institutions
Ion N. Mihailescu
National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Romania
For outstanding contributions to the field of high pulsed energy laser radiation, with groundbreaking applications in nano-biomedicine, chemistry, and metallurgy
Richard Mildren
Macquarie University, Australia
For pioneering scientific and technological contributions in diamond optics and laser engineering, and associated achievements in promoting these fields in academia, industry and to the public
Richard Mirin
National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States
For outstanding contributions to semiconductor quantum dot devices and quantum optics
Uwe Morgner
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
For seminal contributions to few-cycle optics and applications
Amy S. Mullin
University of Maryland at College Park, United States
For pioneering contributions to understanding molecular collisional dynamics with transient infrared spectroscopy, mid-infrared sources and optical centrifuges that spin molecules up to rotational energies comparable to those of chemical bonds
Mauro Nisoli
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
For innovative contributions to the field of attosecond science and technology, particularly for ground-breaking applications of attosecond pulses to molecules
Ellen Ochoa
NASA (retired), United States
For distinguished service as an astronaut, a technical leader in government, and an optical scientist/engineer
Teri W. Odom
Northwestern University, United States
For pioneering contributions to multi-scale plasmonic nanostructures and nanophotonics
Roberto Osellame
CNR– Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie, Italy
For pioneering and outstanding contributions to femtosecond laser micromachining of transparent materials with applications to optical communications, optofluidics and integrated quantum photonics
Taiichi Otsuji
Tohoku University, Japan
For pioneering contributions to terahertz emission and detection exploiting two-dimensional plasmonic and electronic systems with semiconductor nano- and hetero-structures
Leif Oxenløwe
DTU Fotonik, Denmark
For outstanding contributions to the harnessing of nonlinear optics applied to optical communications as energy-efficient light sources and ultra-broadband advanced optical signal processors
Ekmel Ozbay
Bilkent Universitesi, Turkey
For sustained and outstanding contributions to the fields of nanophotonics, photonic crystals, and metamaterials
Francesco Saverio Pavone
University of Florence, Italy
For outstanding contributions to biomedical optics and biophotonics in developing new techniques highlighting morpho-functional properties of molecules, cells and tissues with imaging, optical manipulation and spectroscopic approaches
Cheng-Zhi Peng
University of Science and Technology of China, China
For outstanding and sustained contributions to large scale especially satellite-based free-space quantum communication
Nathalie Picqué
Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany 
For path-breaking work on molecular spectroscopy with optical frequency combs
Pierluigi Poggiolini
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
For fundamental contributions to the understanding and modeling of WDM systems and for the analysis of the limits imposed by fiber nonlinearities on the performance of fiber communication links
Sergei Popov
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
For seminal and versatile contributions to research in optical communication technology, novel optical gain materials, and education programs in optics and photonics
Geoff Pryde
Griffith University, Australia
For pioneering developments and advancements in photonic quantum information science, photonic entanglement-enhanced metrology, and the study of quantum measurement
Kannan Raj
Oracle, United States
For sustained technical leadership in research, development, and commercial deployment of optical interconnect technologies with multiple platforms enabling growth of data centers and cloud infrastructure-based service delivery
David A. Reis
Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, United States
For pioneering achievements in ultrafast and strong-field phenomena in solids including discovery of solid-state high-harmonic generation, contributions to x-ray nonlinear optics, and invention of a novel femtosecond x-ray scattering method to probe phonon dispersion
Kent Rochford
SPIE, United States
For innovative technical leadership in multiple scientific disciplines of highly advanced optical metrology, especially for the US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Axel Schülzgen
University of Central Florida, United States
For fundamental contributions to fiber optics, high power and single frequency fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing technologies and very high bit rate transport of communication signals through optical fibers
Shyh-Chiang Shen
Georgia Institute of Technology, United States
For the development and advancement of compound semiconductor optoelectronic devices and integrated circuits
Concita Sibilia
Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Department of Basic and Applied Science, Italy
For achievements in optics and photonics, as a key bridge between academia and industry in the area of optics, nonlinear optics and optical quantum information
Daniel Sigg
LIGO Hanford Observatory, United States
For the development of techniques essential to the successful high-sensitivity operation of gravitational wave detectors and for leadership in commissioning the LIGO detectors, leading to the first direct detection of gravitational waves
Christine Silberhorn
Universität Paderborn, Germany
For pioneering work in ultra fast integrated quantum optics, in particular for contributions to purity of states and quantum random walks
Cesare Soci
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
For significant contributions to the development of advanced nanophotonic materials and their device applications
Adrian Stern
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
For pioneering work in the application of the compressive sensing theory in optics and for significant contribution in the field of 3D image acquisition and visualization
Tayyab Suratwala
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States
For numerous, high-impact scientific & technological contributions improving optic technologies, specifically in the areas of optical fabrication and high laser damage resistant optics & coatings, enabling high-energy laser systems
Guillermo J. Tearney
Wellman Center for Photomedicine and Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, United States
For pioneering contributions developing, translating, commercializing, and standardizing optical imaging technologies that acquire microscopic imaging from living human patients
Laura Waller
University of California, Berkeley, United States
For pioneering contributions in computational imaging
Sean Wang
B&W Tek Inc., United States
For entrepreneurial leadership and innovation in a broad spectrum of optics, including photo-bio-modulation (PBM), analytical instrument, spectroscopic sensors, medical lasers as well as actively serving the optics community, university and STEM education
Daniel Wasserman
University of Texas at Austin, United States
For contributions to the development of novel sources, detectors, and optical materials operating in the mid-infrared wavelength range
Kenny Weir
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
For outstanding vision and accomplishment in optics education, influence on the optics community as an academic manager, and achievements as an experimentalist
Lorne Whitehead
University of British Columbia, Canada
For fundamental scientific and technical advances in applied optics, illumination, and vision science and for science advocacy
Edward A. Whittaker
Stevens Institute of Technology, United States
For important contributions to laser spectroscopy for sensitive detection of molecules, and extraordinary editorial service to Optics Letters
Ming C. Wu
University of California, Berkeley, United States
For the invention of “optoelectronic tweezers” that enable massively parallel manipulation of individual biological cells controlled by digital optical projectors
Yun-Feng Xiao
Peking University, China
For fundamental contributions to the field of optical micro-resonators that have greatly improved the understanding of wave chaos, sensing and coherent phenomena
Martin Zanni
University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
For pioneering and innovative work advancing the optical technology and scientific applications of ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopies
Yan Zhang
Capital Normal University, China
For outstanding contributions to the research and development of terahertz wave imaging, sensing, particularly terahertz meta devices
Song Zhang
Purdue University, United States
For pioneering contributions to superfast 3D optical metrology and 3D optical video compression and telecommunication
Weiping Zhang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
For pioneering research on light interaction with ultracold atomic gases, including pioneering leadership in the field of nonlinear atom optics and the development of quantum metrology with quantum and atom optics.
Lei Zhou
Fudan University, China
For outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of metamaterials, particularly for groundbreaking achievements in proposing metasurfaces as a bridge to link propagating waves and surface waves
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