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Engage in Change

  • Equity in Optics & Photonics Scholarship - this newly developed scholarship, proposed by the Ambassadors, will provide both financial support and professional development opportunities to Black scientists and engineers. 
  • HBCU Traveling Lecturer Program - Our traveling lecture benefits are available to any HBCU requesting a participating member to visit their campus for technical presentations and/or professional development. Over 600 members are a part of this program. To request additional information email
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Rapid Action Committee - this effort currently underway will develop a set of recommendations to support and increase the presence of black scientists and engineers within the society and the broader optics and photonics community.  
  • Get Involved  – help your society maintain the momentum and create real change for our community. Start by helping to raise the visibility of Black scientists by recognizing a mentor who has made an impact in your carreer and post a tribute; learning how to  become a Wikipedia editor and focus your efforts on editing and adding new pages featuring Black scientists; submit a nomination or application for the Diversity & Inclusion Recognition.
  • Core Values and Code of Conduct - learn how a commitment to excellence and diversity are hallmarks of our core values and how inclusivity is reflected in our code of conduct,     



Real change does not come from statements or protests alone and will require actions by each an every person. That includes allowing for time to heal.

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