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C.E.K. Mees Medal

Recognizes an original use of optics across multiple fields.

The medal was established in 1961 in memory of charter member C. E. K. Mees, who contributed preeminently to the development of scientific photography. The Mees family endowed the medal to recognize achievements that exemplify the thought that "optics transcends all boundaries". It has been presented annually since 2017.



Naomi J Halas

Naomi J Halas

For her design, fabrication, and demonstration of nanoparticles with specific optical and physical properties, the widespread application of which enables advances in fields including cancer therapy, water security, and light-driven chemistry


Scott A Diddams

Scott A Diddams

For pioneering innovations leading to the wide-ranging application of optical frequency combs to ultrafast lasers, optical clocks, spectroscopy, microwave synthesis, and astronomy


Norbert F Scherer

Norbert F Scherer

For seminal contributions to optical science by developing novel methods and applications in ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, single molecule microscopy, nanoplasmonics, optical vector beam spectroscopy, and optical trapping, optical matter and nano-machines.


Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

For pioneering innovations in the transfer of optical angular momentum to particles, using sculpted light for laser manipulation on atomic, nano- and microscales to generate fundamental insight and provide powerful probes to biomedicine


Daniel J Blumenthal

Daniel J Blumenthal

For innovation in ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuits and their application to ultra-low linewidth lasers, optical communications, signal processing, optical gyroscopes and atom cooling


Bahram Javidi

Bahram Javidi

For pioneering multidisciplinary contributions to information-optics with diverse applications in bio-photonics, 3D imaging and displays, photon-counting imaging and cyber-physical security


Stanley E Whitcomb

Stanley E Whitcomb

For pioneering interdisciplinary contributions to the development of LIGO gravitational-wave interferometers


Ming C Wu

Ming C Wu

For the invention of “optoelectronic tweezers” that enable massively parallel manipulation of individual biological cells controlled by digital optical projectors


Warren S Warren

Warren S Warren

For the development of controlled laser pulses and nonlinear imaging techniques to enable applications ranging from clinical diagnosis to scientific analysis of Renaissance artwork


Bahaa E A Saleh

Bahaa E A Saleh

For lifelong multidisciplinary contributions to statistical optics, quantum optics and image science


Lihong V Wang

Lihong V Wang

For seminal contributions to photoacoustic tomography and Monte Carlo modeling of photon transport in biological tissues and for leadership in the international biophotonics community


Victor Georgievich Veselago

Victor Georgievich Veselago *

For the invention of negative refraction, which spawned widespread international activity in the multidisciplinary field of metamaterials, including such effects as superlensing and cloaking


J. Gary Eden

J. Gary Eden

For seminal interdisciplinary contributions to ultraviolet lasers, photochemical vapor deposition, ultrafast spectroscopy and microplasma devices, and for strengthening international collaborations in these areas of optics and photonics


Harrison H Barrett

Harrison H Barrett

For outstanding contributions leading to widespread applications of optical imaging science in disciplines as diverse as medicine and astrophysics, including advances in gamma-ray imaging techniques in these and other fields


Christopher Dainty

Christopher Dainty

For contributions to the understanding and application of speckle phenomena and for leadership in the international optics community


Humio Inaba

Humio Inaba *

For contributions in quantum and optical electronics including laser radar, remote sensing, nonlinear and integrated optics, and ultrashort optical pulses; for pioneering research on biophotonics; and for playing a significant role in the internationalization of laser radar research


Toshimitsu Asakura

Toshimitsu Asakura

For outstanding seminal contributions to the broad field of optics, interdisciplinary distinguished contributions in numerous applications of lasers, and leadership and various significant contributions to international cooperation in the optics community


Jumpei Tsujiuchi

Jumpei Tsujiuchi

For his numerous outstanding and significant contributions to optics, mainly in optical metrology, holography, and optical information processing and for his continuous and timeless pursuit of international cooperation


Serge Lowenthal

Serge Lowenthal *

For numerous major and significant contributions to optics, especially in x-ray imaging, holography, and optical information processing and of his continuous, energetic, and tireless pursuit of the goal of international cooperation


Hans A Buchdahl

Hans A Buchdahl *

For contributions to physical and geometrical optics, their significance, and their international import


Florin Abeles

Florin Abeles *

For his internationally recognized work on the spectroscopy of thin films and metal alloys, and for innovative activity with international organizations and journals of major importance to the optics community


Kenneth M Baird

Kenneth M Baird

For his contributions to standards research and optical metrology, particularly those measurements that led to a new definition of the international meter


Adolf W Lohmann

Adolf W Lohmann *

For stimulation of optical research activities in academic and industrial centers in several countries, as well as interdisciplinary contributions to physical optics and optical signal processing


W.H. Steel

W.H. Steel *

In recognition of his contributions to many international organizations, as well as his technical achievements in image diffraction theory, interferometry, and optical design


Robert Ditchburn

Robert Ditchburn *

For his lengthy career in many disciplines of optics and for his enrichment of optical knowledge


Koichi Shimoda

Koichi Shimoda *

In recognition of his contribution to quantum optics and double resonance spectroscopy and for his generous contributions to international cooperation in physics through conference organization and publication guidance


Andre Marechal

Andre Marechal *

For his contributions to many areas of optics, among them diffraction theory of imaging systems, geometrical optics, and effects of partial coherence in imaging systems

* Deceased

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