Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery
  1. Imaging and Sensing of Biomolecular Processes and Pathways
    • Macroscopic optical/tomographic imaging
    • Advanced microscopy techniques (multiphoton, SHG, FRET, FLIM, SRS, pump-probe, CARS, SWIR, etc.)
    • Photo/opto-acoustics, diffuse reflectance imaging
    • Quantitative phase imaging
    • Vibrational imaging
  2. Reporters and Contrast Agents
    • Luminescence and bioluminescence imaging
    • Endogenous contrast
    • Genetically encodable probes
    • Fluorescent molecular probes
    • Nanoparticle probes
  3. Advanced Optical Molecular Imaging Instrumentation and Methods
    • Assays
    • Pre-clinical
    • Clinical prototypes (in-vivo/intra-cavital)
    • Surgical microscopes
  4. Novel Tools and Approaches for Image Data Analysis and Reconstruction
  5. Optical Imaging and Monitoring of Drug Delivery
    • Specific delivery and localization
    • Action of drugs
    • Contrast agents
    • Dosimetry in photodynamic, radio and chemotherapies
  6. Fluorescent Phantoms and Quantitative Validation Methods
  7. Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Techniques
    • Combinations of optics with MRI, X-ray, radioligands, ultrasound, etc.
    • Multi-scale optical imaging
    • FILM, FRET, OCT, Raman and CARS
  8. Pre-Clinical Applications of Optical Molecular Imaging and Spectroscopy
  9. Clinical Translation of Optical Molecular Imaging, Spectroscopy and Image Guide Surgery and Therapy