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Annual OSA 5G Summit

16 October 2019 – 17 October 2019 OSA Global Headquarters , Washington, District of Columbia United States

The Optical Society’s Annual 5G Summit in Washington, D.C., is a two-day program providing an overview of the entire 5G Ecosystem. This event is designed to examine key critical 5G technologies that will become core features with many businesses. 5G technologies promise to offer increased network speeds, expanded interactivity on the network, much lower latency, and provide vastly elevated conductivity.


The 2019 program included:

Liz Rogan, CEO, The Optical Society

Update on the 5G Ecosystem: 5G Case Uses, Trends and Technologies
Tiberiu Grigoriu, Director of Business Strategy, Nokia

5G Evolution: Challenges and Opportunities
Qi Bi, China Telecom

Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) Progresses
Gee-Kung Chang, Georgia Institute of Technology

RF Technologies: Transmitters, Receivers, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and Propagation
Yves Baeyens, Director Analog ASIC's Research Group, Nokia Bell Labs
Shahriar Shahramian, Department Head, mm-Wave ASIC Research, Nokia Bell Labs

Optical Technologies for 5G, Part 1: Overview of 5G-Oriented Optical Communications, Advances in Core Networks, Advances in Optical Access Networks (PONs) to Support 5G
Xiang Liu, Senior Director and Distinguished Scientist, Futurewei

Optical Technologies for 5G, Part 2: 25G/50G/100G Pluggable Optical Transceivers for 5G X-Haul, Advances in Data-Center Optics and How They May Help 5G Optics, Smart WDM Transceivers with Self-Wavelength Alignment for 5G
Vipul Bhatt, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, II-VI (formerly Finisar)

Optical Technologies for 5G, Part 3: Enabling DML and EML Chip Technologies for 5G X-haul, 10G and 25Gb/s Tunable SFP+ Solutions and Features for Fronthaul, Core Network Readiness for 5G
Brandon Collings, Chief Technology Officer, Lumentum

Optical Technologies for 5G, Part 4: Advances in Metro Networks (such as G.Metro) to Support 5G, Advances in Time-Sensitive Networking to Achieve High Synchronization for 5G, Global Optical Network Standards Developments to Better Support 5G
Jörg-Peter Elbers, Senior Vice President Advanced Technology, Standards and IPR, ADVA Optical Networking

Virtualized and Open RAN for Next Generation 5G Networks
Bharat Raman, Manager, Technology Strategy, Sprint

Expert Panel Discussion
Moderator: Aref Chowdhury, Chief Technology Officer Optics, Nokia

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