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Optica Executive Forum at OFC 2024

Near Margalit

Broadcom, GM and VP of Optical Systems Division

About the Speaker

Near Margalit is Vice President and General Manager of the Optical Systems Division (OSD). Dr. Margalit leads the business unit responsible for developing and manufacturing devices used in optical communications. He is also responsible for developing Broadcom's silicon photonics-based platform for interconnect and co-packaging optical I/O.

Prior to joining the company, Dr. Margalit was CTO and Head of Product Development for Intel's Silicon Photonics Division, which developed Intel's first commercial Silicon Photonics product. Prior to Intel, Dr. Margalit was CEO of Source Photonics, and over his tenure grew it into one of the premier optical transceiver vendors. Prior to Source Photonics, Dr. Margalit founded Zaffire Inc., a metro DWDM optical networking company. Dr. Margalit holds a Ph.D. in Optoelectronics from The University of California, Santa Barbara, and a B.S. in Applied Physics from Caltech.

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