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2020 December OIDA Technology Showcase

01 - 03 December, 2020
In-person Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)


Instrumentation and Metrology

OE4000 Optical Phase Noise/Linewidth/RIN Analyzer

The HI-Q® OE4000 is a homodyne optical discriminator with a modular design characterized by very low noise floor.  This analyzer measures spectral density of the phase/frequency noise of optical sources, laser linewidth and offers the option for RIN (intensity noise) measurement. The proprietary measurement technique employed in the OE4000 does not require a second low noise source for reference and the analyzer system is fully automated.  The OE4000 has many different configuration options of wavelength bands, noise floors and various options.  Multiple bands and combined bands can be chosen, there are RIN measurement options that extend out to 40GHz and all configurations are upgrade-compatible.  Topics focus on:

  • OE4000 Homodyne Phase Noise/Linewidth/RIN Analyzer System
  • Benefits of measuring spectral density of phase/frequency noise vs. basic linewidth measurement
  • OE4000 GUI and user-friendly features and benefits
  • OE4000 configuration options



Danny Eliyahu, Director of Quality Assurance and Metrology​, OEwaves

Dr. Danny Eliyahu joined OEwaves 19 years ago. He currently serves as the Director of Quality Assurance and Metrology at OEwaves. He has over 25 years of experiences in mode-locked lasers, opto-electronic oscillators, and lasers and oscillators noise. His research and development interests include low phase noise high performance lasers and oscillators, microwave and photonics test measurement system, and high frequency receivers. Dr. Eliyahu is the author and co-author of over 50 papers and patents.



Company Profile

OEwaves Inc. transforms novel microwave photonic technologies, from concept to the marketplace, enabling new capabilities in radar, fiber optic sensing, LIDAR, and test and measurement systems. The company’s core technologies include the opto-electronic oscillator (OEO) and whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical resonator. Additionally, OEwaves has developed unique homodyne microwave and optical phase noise measurement system for characterization of low phase noise microwave and laser sources.

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