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Double Helix Optics

2020 December OIDA Technology Showcase

01 - 03 December, 2020
In-person Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

Double Helix Optics

Imaging and Microscopy

High Precision 3D Imaging with Double Helix Optics

Imagine unlocking the third dimension out of a two-dimensional imaging system; maintaining super-high resolution through an extended depth-of-focus; or collecting more information within the same or less acquisition time. These capabilities can be achieved using Double Helix Light Engineering™. Join us as we provide an introduction to our engineered point-spread-function technology and its applications for Life Sciences, Industrial Inspection and Machine Vision.



Anurag Agrawal, Senior Optics Engineer, Double Helix Optics

Dr. Anurag Agrawal is a graduate from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014 where his research focused on improving the resolution and throughput of optical imaging systems using computational optical imaging combined with metamaterials and passive devices including diffractive optical elements. Dr. Agrawal has extensive experience in electromagnetic optical modeling/design and in the fabrication of optical phase masks. At Double Helix Optics, Dr. Agrawal is the Principal Optical Engineer where he leads opto-mechanics and phase mask development. Additionally, Dr. Agrawal has served as PI for two Phase II SBIRs and is a co-author of several key Double-Helix superresolution publications and patents.


Company Profile

Double Helix Optics designs and manufactures 3D imaging tools that deliver unparalleled depth with nano-scale precision. Through their Light Engineering ™ point spread function-based technology, conventional 2D imaging is easily extended into the third dimension, enabling 3D imaging, 3D localization, particle counting, and extended depth of field. DHO’s single-shot 3D technology replaces the need for scanning, and its small footprint makes it highly adaptable to serve a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Pharma, Metrology, and Industrial Inspection and Machine Vision. In use today, the company’s SPINDLE® Line of imaging modules, library of phase masks, and 3DTRAX® software are enabling new discoveries and advancements in a range of scientific and technology applications. Founded in 2013, by Rafael Piestun, a world-renowned expert in super-resolution and 3D optics, and Leslie Kimerling, a serial entrepreneur, Double Helix Optics is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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