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Mesoscale Photonics Incubator Meeting

2-4 May 2012
OSA Headquarters
Washington, DC, USA

Mesoscale Photonics Scope
Topics To Be Discussed
List of Registered Attendees

Mesoscale Photonics Scope:

Mesoscale Photonics involves the interaction of light with material structures of intermediate scale - structures that are too small to be described by traditional continuum methods and too large to be characterized atomistically or as simple dipoles. At such dimensions, photonic phenomena include scale-specific modifications of the structure in response to the light so that a "passive" linear interpretation of the reciprocal action is inadequate, and a nonlinear description including dynamics of the light-structure interaction is necessary. Mesoscale phenomena occur in different circumstances, e.g., biological systems (proteins and DNA), soft materials (colloids and polymers), and fabricated mechanical nanostructures (motors, ratchets and scaffolding).

Topics To Be Discussed

  • optical field shaping and control of energy flow, forces, and potential landscapes
  • Brownian motors and optical ratchets
  • scaffolding and guiding
  • field-induced forces for manufacturing
  • photonic circuits and optomechanical structures for sensing
  • biological effects of coherent and incoherent radiation - going beyond classical photochemistry
  • phototaxis phenomena and other emerging technologies combining optical methods and molecular biology-optogenetics

Registered Attendees

Warwick Bowen, Oto Brzobohaty, Aristide Dogariu, Ernst- Ludwig Florin, Reuven Gordon, Juan José Sáenz, Michal Lipson, Masud Mansuripur, Miles Padgett, Yael Roichman, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Pavel Zemanek


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