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Optical Waveguides: A Key to Socially Acceptable AR Glasses?

11 - 13 October 2023
The Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington, USA


  • Kai-Han Chang, General Motors, United States
  • ​Ali Özgür Yöntem, University of Cambridge/Jaguar Land Rover, United Kingdom
  • Kaan Akşit, University College London, United Kingdom

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Program Overview

The theme of the incubator meeting is enabling technologies for ideal augmented reality. From the user experience perspective, the ideal AR with compact form factor and high display image quality does not exist yet. Furthermore, privacy concerns need to be addressed before launching a consumer AR product. The discussion will focus on the science and technology of the waveguides, which addresses the concerns and challenges that can lead to an ideal AR. 

This incubator meeting will bring together experts to discuss different types of light coupling approaches and the required characteristics of light engines. The meeting aims to explore their advantages and disadvantages, metrology, and path to product. 

Scope and Topics

Through invited talks, panels, products demos, discussion periods, and informal networking, this incubator seeks to:

  1. Examine current research and development in different types of light coupling technologies for waveguides.
  2. Explore current limitations and discuss what needs to be done to enable augmented reality glasses product.
  3. Enable connections between academics and industry to accelerate technology development via collaboration.

Topics that will be explored during the meeting will include:

  1. What is socially accepted Augmented Reality in waveguide-based AR?
  2. Optical light coupling solutions for socially acceptable augmented reality.
  3. Tools for designing technology solutions, including metrology methods for AR.
  4. Considerations for a path to product, including manufacturability, next-generation optics, and content generation.
  5. How to create the next generation of researchers in the field.

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