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Optica Incubator on Imaging Through 100 Scattering Lengths

08 - 10 November 2023
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA


  • Daniele Faccio, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Andreas Velten, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
  • Florian Willomitzer, University of Arizona, United States

Program Overview

Imaging through diffusive media is an outstanding problem in the field of computational imaging and a barrier to the deployment of optical technologies in many or most healthcare and medical applications. Other potential applications include uses for mobility, navigation, underwater vision and satellite imaging through cloud cover. This incubator meeting will bring together the world experts in light shaping, modeling, and diffuse imaging together with “problem providers” ranging from neurosurgeons to researchers working with brain organoids to discuss opportunities for collaboration and development of novel light-based neurotechnologies.

Scope and Topics

Research groups worldwide attempting any form of optical imaging applied to healthcare, medical, or bio-imaging have to face the problem of scattering and light diffusion. In most cases, this is limited to a few scattering lengths and can be solved, at least partially, even with rather crude methods. However, deep propagation completely scrambles all information, and images are entirely lost. Deep diffusion is exponentially harder, and imaging through completely opaque media, such as the human head, is a moonshot challenge. The impact of this challenge is as broad as it is challenging. 

It will require the development of new theoretical and algorithmic approaches combined with novel hardware and detection techniques. Importantly, this also raises the opportunity to develop new ideas in co-creation and collaboration with biologists, neuroscientists, and medics. This Incubator will bring together a strong interdisciplinary team of world leaders to discuss the problem of imaging at extreme depths in diffusive media with applications including brain imaging and neurosurgery.

Meeting Schedule

The program, including breakfasts and lunches, will be held at Optica Global Headquarters, 2010 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20036. Dinners, which are also included in the registration fee, will be held at local restaurants. All times approximate, check back for a detailed agenda.

DAY 1 - 08 November 2023

  • Dinner, location to be determined, at 18:00 EDT

DAY 2 - 09 November 2023

  • Breakfast begins at 08:00 EDT at Optica Global Headquarters
  • Program begins at 08:30 EDT, lunch is included onsite​
  • Dinner, location to be determined, begins at 18:00 EDT

DAY 3 - 10 November 2023

  • Breakfast begins at 08:00 EDT at Optica Global Headquarters
  • Program begins at 08:30 EDT, lunch is included onsite​
  • Adjourn at 14:00 EDT

Are you interested in attending?

A limited number of spots have been set aside at this invitation-only meeting for interested individuals to apply for. Please send a brief letter of interest along with a CV to the hosts at

Additional Information

This page will provide you with information on receiving a letter of invitation if required for your visa, as well as additional logistical and area information.

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