The 8th International Symposium on Ultrafast Phenomena and Terahertz Waves

10 October 2016 – 12 October 2016 Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology (CIGIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) , Beibei District, Chongqing, China

ISUPTW is an international conference devoted to strengthening the collaboration among worldwide researchers and promoting the development in Ultrafast and Terahertz science and technology. The biennial symposium, initiated in 2002, has been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Xi'an, and Wuhan. This symposium provides an excellent opportunity to share and exchange ideas. We look forward to welcoming our friends and colleagues from all around the world.

For additional information about this meeting, please visit the local organizers website.

Symposium I: The development of ultrafast phenomena and ultrashort pulse laser

1. Ultrafast science and technology;
2. The ultrafast phenomena in physics, chemistry, and biology;
3. High-speed diagnosis, high-speed imaging, and high-speed data processing etc;
4. Attosecond pulse generation and measurement;
5. Ultra high intensity laser and its application; high-field physics; ultrafast nonlinear optics;
6. Ultrafast light sources and their applications.

Symposium II: Terahertz science and technology
1. Terahertz sources: Novel mechanism, method and technology of terahertz generation;
2. Terahertz wave transmission, terahertz communication;
3. The novel theory, device and technology for terahertz wave;
4. Terahertz photonic device: plasmon and metamaterial;
5. The applications of terahertz wave interahertz spectroscopy, imaging, sensing andin the basic researches of physics, chemistry, biomedicine etc.
6. Intense terahertz source and its nonlinear phenomena; terahertz high-field physics; interaction between terahertz radiation and materials.

Georg Herink, University of GoettingenGermanyStrong terahertz fields on the nanoscale: Near-field streaking, electron control and terahertz field emission, Plenary

Franz Kaertner, Center for Free-Electron Laser ScienceGermanyA THz Driven Compact X-ray Source, Plenary

Leonid Krivitsky, Data Storage InstituteSingaporeInfrared Spectroscopy with Visible Light, Plenary

Zheng-Ming Sheng, University of StrathclydeUnited KingdomPhysics of intense laser-plasma based terahertz radiation, Plenary

Juncheng Cao, United StatesHigh speed terahertz quantum cascade lasers, Invited

Tianying Chang, Jilin UniversityTerahertz propagation properties of materials and application in nondestructive inspection, Invited

Hou-Tong Chen, Los Alamos National LaboratoryUnited StatesTerahertz metasurfaces for antireflection and polarization manipulations, Invited

Li-Ming Chen, Inst Physics, Chinese Academy SciencesChinaEnhanced betatron X-ray radiation from laser-driven plasma accelerator, Invited

Min Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityLaser plasma wakefield based high quality electron acceleration and radiation source, Invited

Ming-Chang Chen, National Tsing Hua UniversityTaiwanIsolated, Arbitrarily Polarized, Attosecond Pulse Generation , Invited

Yanping Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityCoherent terahertz radiation from a long laser filament in air, Invited

Ya Cheng, Shanghai Inst of Optics and Fine MechChinaAtmospheric lasing induced by strong-field photoionization, Invited

Tie Jun Cui, Southeast University (China)ChinaControlling terahertz waves by coding and programmable metamaterials, Invited

Wenbin Dou, Southeast University (China)ChinaTHz antennas, components and circuits-some studies in SEU, Invited

Wen-Hui Fan, State Key Laboratory of Transient OpticsChinaInvestigation on terahertz absorption spectra of benzoic acid, Invited

Ya-Xian Fan, Harbin Engineering UniversityChinaManipulation of guided wave mode in a corrugated terahertz tube, Invited

Weiling Fu, Southwest HospitalChinaLabel-free detection of cells by terahertz spectroscopy, Invited

Zhao Guozhong, Capital Normal UniversityPassive Terahertz Imaging Technology Based on the Beam Scanning, Invited

Dezhuan Han, Chongqing UniversityProperties of spoof surface plasmon polaritons on the textured conductor surface, Invited

Jiaguang Han, Tianjin UniversityChinaThe terahertz surface plasmon with metasurface, Invited

Zuoqiang Hao, ChinaFemtosecond filamentation array in fused silica, Invited

Feng He, Shanghai Jiaotong University LibraryChinaSuperplastic rescattering of helium in strong laser fields, Invited

Ming-lie Hu, Tianjin UniversityChinaRecent developments on high power femtosecond fiber lasers, Invited

Tianshu Lai, Sun Yat-Sen UniversityChinaUltrafast diffusion transport dynamics of photoexcited carriers in grapheme, Invited

Dehua Li, Shandong University of Sci and TechChinaTHz time domain spectroscopy of coal, coal tar and naphthalene, Invited

Jingquan Lin, Changchun University of Science and TechChinaControl of ultrafast plasmons and its applications, Invited

Pu-Kun Liu, Peking UniversityChinaTerahertz super-resolution imaging and subwavelength manipulation of spoof surface plasmon plaritons, Invited

Weiwei Liu, Nankai UniversityChinaFemtosecond laser filamentation - achieving high amplitude and micrometer resolution of THz wave simultaneously, Invited

Xiaojun Liu, Wuhan Inst of Physics and MathematicsChinaUltrafast electronic dynamics of atoms and molecules driven by intense femtosecond laser pulses, Invited

Xueming Liu, Xi'an Inst of Optics and Precision MechChinaFiber lasers delivering soliton pulses, Invited

Yunquan Liu, School of PhysicsChinaStrong-field tunneling ionization of atoms and molecules, Invited

Guo-Hong Ma, Shanghai UniversityChinaTHz Spintronics: THz transient probing the spin reorientation phase transition in RFeO3, Invited

Yanyun Ma, National University of Defense TechnologyThe high charge electron beam and radiation produced from laser wakefield acceleration, Invited

Gael Mouret, Universite du LittoralFranceThe frequency combs for THz investigations, Invited

Xiao-Yu Peng, Institute of Materials Research and EngSingaporeBroadband terahertz radiation from laser-plasma filaments, Invited

Emma Pickwell-MacPherson, Chinese University of Hong KongHong KongProgress for Biomedical Terahertz Research, Invited

Hua Qin, Suzhou Inst. of Nano-tech & Nano-bionicsEfficient terahertz emission from electrically excited two-dimensional plasmon, Invited

Sheng-Cai Shi, Purple Mountain ObservatoryUltra-sensitive superconducting detectors for THz applications, Invited

Wei Shi, Tianjin UniversityChinaHigh power all fiber-based ultrafast lasers, Invited

Wei Shi, Xi'an University of TechnologyResearch progress on coherent THz generation with combined GaAs photoconductive antenna array, Invited

Dong Sun, Peking UniversityChinaUltrafast transient terahertz probe of exciton dynamics in two dimensional materials and Van der waals heterostructures, Invited

Jinghua Sun, Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomOptical frequency combs based on optical parametric oscillators, Invited

Bing Wang, Huazhong Univ of Science and TechnologyChinaSurface Plasmon Polariton Manipulation by Graphene Arrays, Invited

Li Wang, CAS Institute of PhysicsChinaAnisotropic terahertz electromagnetic responses of mononclinic crystals and coherent phonon excitation in BaGa4Se7 crystal, Invited

Qijie Wang, Nanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeIntegrated Terahertz Optoelectronics, Invited

Wei-Min Wang, Chinese Academy Sciences Inst PhysicsChinaTheoretic study on strong terahertz radiation from laser-driven gas plasma, Invited

Yishan Wang, Xi'an Inst Optics & Precision MechanicsChinaRepetition Rate Tunable Optical Frequency Comb and Mode-Locked Laser Based on a Doped Silica Glass Integrated High-Q Micro-Ring Resonator, Invited

Dongshan Wei, CIGIT, CASChinaStudies on Conformation changes of biomolecules by Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, Invited

Huichun Wu, Zhejiang UniversityGeneration of gigawatt attosecond pulses, Invited

Jian Wu, East China Normal UniversityChinaDisentangling the role of laser-coupling in strong-field directional dissociative ionization of molecules, Invited

Degang Xu, Tianjin UniversityChinaThe research on THz application in biological medical diagnose, Invited

Lixin Yan, Tsinghua UniversityTHz radiation from high-peak-current electron bunch and bunch trains, Invited

Yuping Yang, Minzu University of ChinaChinaThe frequency-selective THz reflector based on the Mie resonances of all-dielectric gratings, Invited

Jianming Yuan, National University of Defense TechnologyEnhanced terahertz generation by using circular polarized two-color lasers on gases, Invited

Peng Yuan, Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityChinaHigh-power femtosecond mid-infrared laser generated by non-collinear OPCPA, Invited

Jian Zhang, China Academy of Engineering PhysicsChinaGaN based Terahertz devices and integrated microsystems, Invited

Liangliang Zhang, Capital Normal UniversityChinaHigh-power THz to IR emission by femtosecond laser irradiation of metallic nanostructures, Invited

Xinhai Zhang, SUSTCChinaPulsed THz Wave Generation, Modulation, and Spectroscopic Application, Invited

Yan Zhang, Capital Normal UniversityChinaMetasurface based devices for Terahertz radiation, Invited

Jiangfeng Zhu, Xidian UniversityChinaProgress in diode-pumped ultrafast solid state lasers, Invited

Tao Zhu, Chongqing UniversityChinaCoherence manipulation of partially mode-locked fiber laser, Invited

Hongbin Zhuo, National University of Defense TechnologyThe study of intense terahertz radiation from laser plasma interaction, Invited

Guoqing Chang, Center for Free Electron Laser ScienceUnited StatesPre-chirp managed nonlinear amplification for >100 W ultrafast sources , Keynote

Jia Chen, Peking UniversityTHz Radiation Source Driven by Electron Beam from Superconducting Accelerators, Keynote

Guangyou Fang, Chinese Academy of SciencesProgress and development of THz active imaging system in IECAS, Keynote

Christoph Hauri, Paul Scherrer InstitutSwitzerlandOrganic crystal based THz sources for THz strong-field physics, Keynote

Dong-Eon Kim, Pohang Univ of Science & TechnologySouth KoreaUltrafast phenomena of atoms and solid under strong field, Keynote

Yohei Kobayashi, University of TokyoJapanHigh power Yb-fiber based short pulse laser systems and their applications - From femtosecond CPA to nanosecond DUV lasers, Keynote

Andrew Kung, Academia SinicaTaiwanIntense supercontinuum from solids: a new approach to attosecond and TW pulses, Keynote

Yutong Li, Inst Physics, Chinese Academy SciencesChinaTHz generation with transition radiation from the rear surface of a laser-driven foil, Keynote

Peng Liu, Shanghai Inst of Optics & Fine MechanicsChinaCollective electron motion in terahertz emission in intense laser fields, Keynote

Shenggang Liu, Univ of Electronic Sci & Tech of ChinaChinaTitle to be Determined, Keynote

Peixiang Lu, Huazhong Univ of Science and TechnologyChinaAttosecond probe the molecular dynamics with high harmonic spectroscopy, Keynote

Katsumi Midorikawa, RIKENJapanGeneration and application of intense attosecond pulses, Keynote

Patrick Mounaix, FranceTomography and image processing for polymer additive manufacturing objects, Keynote

Keith Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited StatesNonlinear THz spectroscopy: The full field and its many-splendored interactions, Keynote

Ci-Ling Pan, National Tsing Hua UniversityTaiwanTo be Determined, Keynote

Aleksandar Rakic, The University of QueenslandAustraliaLaser Feedback Interferometry with THz QCLs: a new technology for imaging and materials analysis, Keynote

Harald Schneider, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-RossendorfGermanyTerahertz free-electron laser spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructuresc, Keynote

Xuechu Shen, Shanghai Institute of Technical PhysicsChaotic Motion of electron in solid state environment--as seeing from THz spectrum, Keynote

Alexander Shkurinov, Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityPowerful multi frequency pulsed terahertz sources - the path to new diagnostics technologies, Keynote

Chi-Kuang Sun, National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanFull spectral sensitivity of THz waves to early coagulation of human blood, Keynote

Jinghua Teng, A*STARSingaporeMetamaterials Empowered THz Components, Keynote

Masayoshi Tonouchi, Osaka UniversityJapanStudy on local oxygen absorption/desorption dynamics onto 2D materials probed by potential-sensitive THz radiation, Keynote

Chao Zhang, University of WollongongAustraliaSurface Plasmon Polariton and optical bistability in graphene in terahertz regime, Keynote

Weili Zhang, Tianjin UniversityNear-field terahertz response of plasmonic geometries, Keynote

Xi-Cheng Zhang, U of Rochester, The Institute of OpticsUnited StatesTHz air photonics with ring-Airy laser beams, Keynote

Kun Zhao, CAS Institute of PhysicsChinaNonlinear Atto-Optics, Keynote

Yiming Zhu, ChinaCompletely evolution and control of Gouy phase shift in longitudinal terahertz wave, Keynote

General Chair

Hong-Liang Cui, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Zhi-Yi Wei, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Xi-Cheng Zhang, The Institute of Optics,University of Rochester, USA

Honorary Chair

Jiahu Yuan, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Advisory Committee

Juncheng Cao, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, China
Hongliang Cui, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS, China
Qing Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Xiaolin Lei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Shenggang Liu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Harald Scheinder, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany
Xuechu Shen, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS
Zhengming Sheng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Zhiyi Wei, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Peiheng Wu, Nanjing University, China
Zhizhan Xu, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, China
Jianquan Yao, Tianjin University, China
Cunlin Zhang, Capital Normal University, China
Weili Zhang, Tianjin University, China
Xicheng Zhang, University of Rochester, USA
Wei Zhao, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS, China

Program Committee

Tiejun Cui, Southeast University, China
Jianming Dai, Tianjin University, China
Wenhui Fan, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS, China
Shaobo Fang, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Jiaguang Han, Tianjin University, China
Dong-Eon Kim,Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
Andy Kung, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taipei China
Yutong Li, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Weiwei Liu, Nankai University, China
Yunquan Liu, Peking University, China
Katsumi Midorikawa, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Japan
Patrick Mounaix, University of Bordeaux, France
Ciling Pan, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taipei China
Xiaoyu Peng, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS, China
Hua Qin, Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS, China
Shengcai Shi, Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, China
Wei Shi, Xi'an University of Technology, China
Alexander Shkurinov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Chikuang Sun, National Taiwan University, Taipei China
Jinghua Sun, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Masayoshi Tonouchi, Osaka University, Japan
Bing Wang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Li Wang, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Weijia Wen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Huichun Wu, Zhejiang University, China
Sheng Yu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Jianmin Yuan, National University of Defense Technology, China
Heping Zeng, East China Normal University, China
Chao Zhang, University of Wollongong, Australia
Xinhai Zhang, South University of Science and Technology of China, China
Yan Zhang, Capital Normal University, China
Kun Zhao, Institute of Physics, CAS, China
Yiming Zhu, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Local Organizing Committee


Xiao-Yu Peng, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS


Yan Zhang, Capital Normal University
Yiming Zhu, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Committee members

Xiao Cheng (HUST), Haiwei Du (CIGIT), Shaobo Fang (IP), Yinghui Li (CIGIT),Jun Shen (CIGIT), Dongshan Wei (CIGIT), Xiaoyu Peng (CIGIT), Changcheng Shi (CIGIT), Qiaotai Song (CIGIT), Mingjie Tang (CIGIT), Huabing Wang (CIGIT), Liangping Xia (CIGIT), Wei Xie (CIGIT), Shihan Yan (CIGIT), Zhongbo Yang (CIGIT), Mingkun Zhang (CIGIT), Ting Zhang, Xinqun Zhang (CNU), Yan Zhang (CIGIT), Zhengwei Zhang (CNU), Kun Zhao (IP), Yiming Zhu (USST)


Chang-Cheng Shi, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS
Xiao Cheng, HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology
Kun Zhao, Institute of Physics, CAS
Shi-Han Yan, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS
Wei Xie, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS
Mei Yang, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, CAS

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