Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP)

11 November 2014 – 14 November 2014 OSA Virtual Event

Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) is now the largest conference in the Asia-Pacific region on optical communication and photonics and relevant technologies. ACP has been held annually tracing back to 2001 and jointly sponsored by OSA, SPIE, IEEE Photonics Society, COS and CIC.

ACP will address optoelectronic materials, devices, and integration; novel fibers and fiber-based devices; optical transmission systems, subsystems, and technologies; network architectures, management, and applications; biophotonics and optical sensors; and displays, solid-state lighting, photovoltaics, and energy-efficient photonics.

Topic Categories

Track 1: Optoelectronic Materials, Devices, and Integration
Track 2: Novel Fibers and Fiber-based Devices
Track 3: Optical Transmission Systems, Subsystems, and Technologies
Track 4: Network Architectures, Management, and Applications
Track 5: Biophotonics and Optical Sensors
Track 6: Displays, Solid-State Lighting, Photovoltaics, and Energy-Efficient Photonic

John Bowers, University of California Santa BarbaraUnited StatesThe Future of Hybrid Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits, Plenary

Masataka Nakazawa, Tohoku UniversityJapanExabit Optical Communication Infrastructure using 3M Scheme, Plenary

Philip Russell, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des LichtsGermanyFrequency Conversion via Enhanced Light-matter Interactions in Fibre Microstructures, Plenary

Huquan Wu, Chinese Academy of Engineering PhysicsChinaThe Strategy and Technology of Broadband China, Plenary

Yu Chen, University of Maryland at College ParkUnited StatesMinimally-Invasive Optical Platform for Surgical Guidance and Neuroscience Research , Tutorial

Hiroshi Fujioka, University of TokyoCharacteristics of Nitride Devices Prepared by Pulsed Sputtering , Tutorial

Xiang Liu, Huawei TechnologiesUnited StatesDigital Signal Processing Techniques Enabling Optical Fiber Transmission with Improved Performance, Tutorial

James Lott, Technische Universität BerlinGermanyEnergy Efficient Emitters for Computer Interconnects , Tutorial

Kunimasa Saitoh, Hokkaido UniversityJapanMulticore Fiber for Space Division Multiplexing , Tutorial

S. J. Ben Yoo, University of California DavisUnited StatesSoftware Defined Elastic Optical Networking in Temporal, Spectral, and Spatial Domains , Tutorial

Shahraam Afshar, University of AdelaideAustraliaHigh Index and Subwavelength Core Optical Fibers for Photonic Devices , Invited

Nicola Andriolli, Scuola Superiore Sant Anna di PisaItalyAll-optical Multi Microring Network-on-chip , Invited

Alexander Argyros, University of SydneyAustraliaMetal-polymer Composite Fibres for Metamaterials Fabrication and their Applications , Invited

Frank Bertram, Nanoscale Characterization of Structural and Optical Properties of Nitride Nanostructures Using Helium Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy Cathodoluminescence , Invited

Gilberto Brambilla, University of SouthamptonUnited KingdomOptical Nonlinearity in Microfibers , Invited

Julien Brault, CNRSFranceAlGaN/GaN Nanostructures for UV Light Emitting Diodes , Invited

Che Ting Chan, Hong Kong Univ of Science & TechnologyHong KongMeta-material with Zero Refractive Index , Invited

Doyle Chang, Xtera Communications Inc USAUnited StatesAdvanced Technologies for Unrepeatered Transmission Systems and Applications , Invited

Connie Chang-Hasnain, University of California BerkeleyUnited StatesHybrid HCG VCSEL on Si , Invited

Di Che, University of MelbourneAustraliaOptical Direct Detection for 100G Short Reach Applications , Invited

Jiajia Chen, Kungliga Tekniska HogskolanSwedenCost-efficient Fault Supervision Schemes for Next Generation Optical Access Networks , Invited

Nanguang Chen, National University of SingaporeSingaporeAcquiring High-quality High-speed Images of Zebrafish Using Line Scan Focal Modulation Microscopy , Invited

Nan-Kuang Chen, Optoelectronics Research CentreTaiwanTowards Picoliter Microsensing in Fiber Optics. , Invited

Young-Kai Chen, Alcatel-Lucent Bell LabsUnited StatesIntegrated Optoelectronics for Coherent Receivers and Transmitters , Invited

Zhongping Chen, University of California IrvineUnited StatesAcoustic Radiation Force Optical Coherence Elastography, Invited

Chi-Hao Cheng, Miami UniversityUnited StatesNonlinear Distortion Compensation for Optical Communications , Invited

Yong-Hoon Cho, Korea Advanced Inst of Science & TechSouth KoreaGroup III-Nitride Photonic Nanostructures, Invited

Weng Chow, Sandia National LabsUnited StatesFirst Principle Study of Nanolasers: Photon Statistics and Laser Threshold , Invited

Tao Chu, Institute of Semiconductor,CASChinaSilicon Photonic Devices for Optical Interconnections , Invited

Maxim Darvin, Charité - Universitätsmedizin BerlinGermanyTitle to be Determined, Invited

Didier Erasme, Telecom-ParistechFranceDispersion-independant Transmissions Through Direct Single Sideband Modulation Using a Dual-Electroabsorption Modulated Laser , Invited

Herve Fevrier, Xtera Communications Inc USAUnited StatesRaman Amplification for Ultra-large Bandwidth and Ultra-high Bit Rate Submarine and Terrestrial Long-haul WDM Transmission , Invited

Nicolas Fontaine, Alcatel-Lucent Bell LabsUnited StatesComponents that enable Space Division Multiplexing , Invited

Thomas Frost, University of MichiganUnited StatesElectrically Injected InGaN/GaN Disk-in-nanowirelasers Monolithically Grown on (001) Silicon, Invited

Thomas Geernaert, Vrije Universiteit BrusselBelgiumMicrostructured Fibers Optimized for Transverse Load and Pressure Sensing , Invited

Qixin Guo, Saga UniversityJapanHeteroepitaxial Growth and Characterization of Compound Semiconductors , Invited

Kohzo Hakuta, University of Electro-CommunicationsJapanQuantum Photonics With Optical Nanofibers , Invited

Jr-Hau He, National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanPhoton Management for Optical Devices , Invited

Masaaki Hirano, Sumitomo Electric Industries LtdJapanUltra-low Loss Fiber for 100G-based Trans-oceanic Transmission, Invited

Aaron Ho-pui Ho, Chinese University of Hong KongHong KongOptical Trapping with Plasmonic Nano-islands. , Invited

Sven Hoefling, University of St AndrewsUnited KingdomPolariton Laser Diodes, Invited

Kazuo Hotate, University of TokyoJapanFiber Distributed Brillouin Sensing with Optical Correlation Domain Techniques , Invited

Chong Hou, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited StatesFiber Draw Synthesis , Invited

Weigang Hou, Northeastern University (China)China,Adaptive Service Degradation in Converged Optical and Data Center Networks , Invited

Ming-lie Hu, Tianjin UniversityChinaHigh Power Photonic Crystal Fiber Lasers and Their Applications , Invited

Qirui Huang, Institute for Infocomm ResearchSingaporeAdvanced Photonic Switching Technologies for Big Data Network Infrastructure. , Invited

Xiaohong Jiang, Future University HakodateJapanOn the Scalability of Datacenter Networks for Future Large-Scale Cloud Applications, Invited

Long Jin, Jinan UniversityChinaHigh-performance Dual-frequency DBR Fiber Lasers for Sensing Applications , Invited

Yasuo Kokubun, Yokohama National UniversityJapanScaling of Space Division Multiplexed Transmission Using Heterogeneous Single-mode and Few mode Multi-core Fibres , Invited

Hao-chung Kuo, National Chiao Tung UniversityTaiwanTitle to be Determined, Invited

Toshiaki Kuri, National Inst of Information & Comm TechFront-haul Solutions for Wireless Access Systems , Invited

Kei May Lau, Hong Kong Univ of Science and TechnologyHong KongMonolithic Integration of III-nitride LEDs and Driver HEMT Transistors by MOCVD , Invited

Byoungho Lee, Seoul National UniversitySouth KoreaDirectional Control of Plasmonic Waves and Vortices for Potential Sensor Applications , Invited

In-Hwan Lee, Chonbuk National UniversitySouth KoreaTowards Performance Enhancement of InGaN/GaN LED by Exploring Localized Surface Plasmons , Invited

Sergio Leon-Saval, University of SydneyAustraliaPhotonic Lanterns for Mode Division Multiplexing , Invited

Juerg Leuthold, ETH ZurichSwitzerlandRF photonic transmission beyond 100 Gbit/s , Invited

Buhong Li, Fujian Normal UniversityChinaRecent Advances in Photonic Therapy , Invited

Pengcheng Li, Wuhan National Lab for OptoelectronicsChinaMultimodal Optical Imaging of Brain Functional Activity , Invited

Chien-Chung Lin, National Chiao Tung UniversityUV LED with RGB QDs , Invited

Gong-Ru Lin, National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanShort-pulse Fiber Lasers Mode Locked by Various Nano-carbon Materials , Invited

Huafeng Lin, Huawei Technologies Co LtdChinaTWDM-PON: Standards, System and Key Technologies , Invited

Rayming Lin, Chang Gung UniversityTaiwanInvestigation of Efficiency Droop in the InGaN-based Light Emitting Diodes, Invited

Anjin Liu, Technische Universität BerlinGermanyVCSEL with Surface Nanostructures , Invited

Hadrien Louchet, VPIphotonicsGermanyEfficient BER Estimation for Simulation of Coherent Transmission Systems Including Digital Signal Processing and Forward-error-correction , Invited

Dennis Matthews, University of California DavisUnited StatesPortable Blood Assays Using Optical Imaging and Image Recognition Technology , Invited

Igor Meglinski, University of OtagoNew ZealandPolarized Light Biosensing , Invited

David Millar, Mitsubishi Electric Research LabsUnited StatesHigh Dimensional Optical Signal Formats , Invited

Hideto Miyake, Mie UniversityJapanMOVPE Growth of High-quality AlGaN for Deep-ultraviolet Light Source , Invited

Takayuki Mizuno, NTT Network Innovation LaboratoriesJapanMulti-core Multi-mode Dense Space Division Multiplexing for Ultra-high Spectral Efficiency Transmission Systems, Invited

Yosuke Mizuno, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJapanBrillouin Light Scattering in Plastic Fibers , Invited

Annalisa Morea, Alcatel-LucentFranceElasticity for Dynamic Recovery in OTN Networks , Invited

Lars Mueller-Meskamp, Technische Universität DresdenOrganic Photovoltaics, Practical Challenges: Electrodes and Encapsulation , Invited

Arnaud Mussot, Univ Lille 1 Laboratoire PhLAMFranceTopographic Optical Fibers : New Perspectives in Guided Optics , Invited

Yoshiaki Nakano, University of TokyoJapanLarge Scale Switching and Polarization Control in Photonic Integrated Circuits on InP and Si , Invited

Yasutake Ohishi, Toyota Technological InstituteJapanNew Prospect of Soft Glass Optical Fibers , Invited

Boon Ooi, King Abdullah Univ. of Science & TechnolSaudi ArabiaGaN Nano-membrane for Optoelectronic and Electronic Device Applications , Invited

Francesco Pavone, European Lab for Non-Linear SpectroscopyItalyMultidimensional tissue fingerprint, Invited

David Plant, McGill UniversityCanadaOptical Materials and Interconnects , Invited

Francesco Poletti, University of SouthamptonUnited KingdomHollow Core Fibre Technology Data Transmission , Invited

Joyce Poon, University of TorontoCanadaIntegrated Photonic Devices and Circuits in Hybrid Silicon Platforms , Invited

Jianan Qu, Hong Kong Univ of Science & TechnologyHong KongTitle to be Determined, Invited

Junle Qu, Shenzhen UniversityChinaTitle to be Determined , Invited

Georg Rademacher, Technische Universität BerlinGermanyCharacterization of Nonlinear Interactions in Mode-multiplexed Systems , Invited

Min-Kyo Seo, KAISTSouth KoreaElectrically Driven Subwavelength Optical Nanocircuits , Invited

Paolo Serena, Universita degli Studi di ParmaItalyPerturbative Propagation Models for Coherent Systems , Invited

Gangxiang Shen, Soochow UniversityChinaMulti-period Topology Planning for Microwave-based wireless Backhaul Networks , Invited

Jongin Shim, Hanyang UniversitySouth KoreaImportance of the Radiative Recombination Rate to Efficiency Droop in InGaN-based Light-emitting Diodes , Invited

Dongsoo Shin, Hanyang UniversityAnalysis of Recombination Mechanisms in InGaN-based Light-emitting Diodes from Electrical and Optical Characterizations , Invited

Robert Shore, Coriant GmbH & Co. KGGermanyBeyond SDN for Optical Transport Solutions, Invited

Mark Shtaif, Tel-Aviv UniversityIsraelModeling nonlinear interference noise in fiber optic transmission , Invited

mengdi song, OrangeFranceSub-Band Optical Switching into an 100 Gbps Multi-Band OFDM Transmission System , Invited

Valeriy Tuchin, Saratov State UniversityRussiaEnhanced Sensing in Biophotonics: From Visible to Terahertz Range , Invited

Jian Wang, Huazhong Univ of Science and TechnologyChina,Review of Spectrally Efficient Optical Communications Using Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing , Invited

Xi Wang, Fujitsu Laboratories of America IncUnited StatesVirtual Optical Network Provisioning for Software-defined Optical Networks , Invited

Xinqiang Wang, Peking UniversityChinaEpitaxy of InGaN Random and Digital Alloys Towards Solar Cells , Invited

Gordon Wong, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des LichtsGermanyOptical Properties of Helically Twisted Solid-core Photonic Crystal Fibre , Invited

Kenneth Kin-Yip Wong, University of Hong KongHong KongUltrafast Spectroscopy: Parametric Spectro-temporal Analyzer (PASTA) and its Applications, Invited

Peng Xi, Peking UniversityChinaMulti-modality Super-resolution Techniques. , Invited

Bing Xiong, Tsinghua UniversityChinaPDs for Microwave Photonics , Invited

Chris Xu, Cornell UniversityUnited StatesMultiphoton Imaging of Mouse Brain , Invited

Sugang Xu, NICTJapanEmergent Optical Network Integration and Control of Multi-Vendor Optical Networks , Invited

Koji Yamada, NTT Microsystem Integration LaboratoriesJapanSi-Ge-silica Photonic Integration Platform for High-performance Photonic Systems , Invited

Fatih Yaman, NEC Laboratories America IncUnited StatesHigh-capacity Interleaved Bi-directional Transmission , Invited

Minghong Yang, Wuhan University of TechnologyChinaDevelopment of Optical Fiber Sensing Technologies Based on Sensitive Thin Films at the NEL-FOST. , Invited

Qi Yang, State Key Laboratory of Optical Comm.ChinaOFDM/OQAM for Optical Coherent and Non-coherent Transmission , Invited

Qi Yang, State Key Laboratory of Optical Comm.ChinaOptical OFDM/OQAM for the Future Optical Communication , Invited

Siyuan Yu, Sun Yat-Sen UniversityChinaRecent Progress in Integrated Photonic Orbital Angular Momentum Devices , Invited

Libo Yuan, Harbin Engineering UniversityChinaMicro/nanostructurization of Optical Fibers for “Lab-in/on-fiber” , Invited

Xiang Yun, Fiberhome Technologies GroupChinaThe future of Network Management and Transport SDN Controller , Invited

Dechao Zhang, China Mobile Research InstituteChinaStrategy and Development of PON and UniPON in China Mobile , Invited

Han Zhang, Shenzhen UniversityChinaGraphene, Topological Insulator and Other 2-dimensional Layered Materials for Ultra-fast Laser Photonics , Invited

Hongbin Zhang, TE SubComUnited StatesCoded Modulation for Undersea Optical Fiber Communications , Invited

Jie Zhang, Beijing Univ of Posts & TelecomChinaSoftware-defined Packet Transport Networks , Invited

Zhiping Zhou, Peking UniversityChinaSilicon Photonics for Advanced Optical Interconnections , Invited

Benyuan Zhu, OFS LaboratoriesUnited StatesNew Fibers and Amplifiers for 400G and Beyond Terrestrial Network , Invited

Leimeng Zhuang, Monash UniversityAustraliaMicrowave Photonic Signal Processors in Silicon Nitride Waveguides , Invited

Tohru Honda, Kogakuin UniversityOptical Properties of Ultra Thin InN Layers in a GaN Matrix 

S. J. Xu, University of Hong KongCarrier Diffusion and Mid-Way Recombination in GaInP2/GaAs Multijunction Photovoltaic Devices

General Chair

Zuyuan He, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

General Co - Chairs

Yasuhiko Arakawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Connie Chang-Hasnain, University of California,Berkeley, USA
Lena Wosinska  , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

OSA - The Optical Society