Workshop on Specialty Optical Fiber and Their Applications

28 August 2013 – 30 August 2013 OSA Virtual Event

Workshop on Specialty Optical Fiber and Their Applications

The 3rd Workshop on Specialty Optical Fiber and Their Applications (WSOF) is a technical workshop and exhibit on advances and innovations in the field of specialty optical fibers and their applications. Just like the two previous workshops in the series, it brings together students and researchers from academia and industry, with an interest in fiber optics.

The three day event will offer plenary, tutorial and invited talks, as well as contributed and poster papers. Industrial partners are invited to expose their latest technology and product offerings in the exhibition.

Advances and New Developments in Specialty Fibers
  • New fiber design and fabrication
  • Special cores
  • Multicore or multimode fibers and components
  • New cladding geometries

Photonic Crystal Fibers, Microstructured Fibers, and Photonic Bandgap Fibers
  • New PCF design and fabrication
  • PCF processing in components
  • Splicing and combining

Fiber Lasers
  • Pumping schemes
  • Special doping
  • LMA and other designs
  • SBS/SRS/SPM suppression
  • Beam combining
  • Special coatings
  • Manufacturing
  • Special fiber components

Novel Materials and New Functions
  • Multimaterial fibers
  • Optoelectronics in fibers
  • High nonlinearity fibers
  • Chalcogenide
  • Non-silicate fibers
  • IR guidance

Nonlinear Optics
  • Wavelength generation
  • Parametric processes
  • SRS, SBS, acoustooptics and magnetooptics in fibers, plasmonics, poling

Special FiberCcomponents and Applications
  • Tapered devices
  • Evanescent coupling
  • High-Q fiber resonators
  • Combinations of microstructured fibers with liquids, optofluidics
  • SERS with fibers
  • SERS with FBGs

Fiber Sensors
  • Special fiber designs
  • Special coatings

Industrial Applications
Rethinking Optical Fiber: New Demands, Old Glasses
John Ballato, Clemson University, USA
Abstract: This talk will focus on the extraordinary properties of a new class of optical fibers derived from otherwise “boring” materials such as YAG, sapphire, spinel, silicon, and germanium.

Opportunities in Multimaterial Fibers: From Nanofabrication, to Chemical Reactions to Novel Device Architectures
Yoel Fink, MIT, USA
Multimaterial fiber devices share the basic functional attributes of their traditional electronic counterparts yet are fabricated from metals, insulators and semiconductors using scalable preform-to-fiber processing methods, yielding kilometers of functional fibers. New discoveries extend the field of opportunities to nanofabrication and chemistry.

Enhancement and Control of Light-Matter Interactions in Microstructured Glass Fibres
Philip Russell, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany
Abstract: Recent results, such as opto-mechanical/acoustical nonlinearities, excitation of orbital angular momentum states in helically twisted photonic crystal fibre (PCF), particle propulsion in hollow-core PCF and ultrafast nonlinear interactions in gas-filled PCF, will be reviewed.

Thomas Alkeskjold, NKT Photonics Inc, Denmark, State-of-the-art Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifiers, Invited

Sean Barry, Carleton University, Canada, Chemical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition: Metals for Optical Fibres, Invited

Adam Devine, Fianium Ltd., United Kingdom, Technology Roadmap for Supercontinuum Fiber Lasers, Invited

David DiGiovanni, OFS Laboratories, United States, Higher Order Mode Fiber Technology, Invited

Liang Dong, Clemson University, United States, Large-mode-area Fibers Enabled by Significant Differential Mode Losses , Invited

Denis Donlagic, Univerza v Mariboru, Slovenia, Micromachining of All-fiber Photonics Micro-structures using Specialty Optical Fibers, Invited

Michael Fokine, Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan, Sweden, Monitoring Temperature in Optical Fibers during Thermal Processing, Invited

Bai-Ou Guan, Jinan University, Microfiber Grating Devices, Invited

Wei Jin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Novel In-line Photonic Devices Made by Post-Processing Photonic Crystal Fibers, Invited

Irina Kabakova, University of Sydney, Australia, Frequency Combs Formed via Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Chalcogenide, Invited

Raman Kashyap, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada, When a Friend Becomes a Foe: The Optical Fiber Fuse, Invited

Byoung Yoon Kim, Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, South Korea, Few Mode Fiber Devices and their Applications, Invited

Jonathan Knight, University of Bath, United Kingdom, Silica Hollow Core Fibers for Mid-IR Wavelengths, Invited

Katerina Krebber, Federal Institute for Materials Research, Germany, POFs for Sensing Applications, Invited

Alexandre Kudlinski, Universite de Lille 1, France, Modulation Instability in Optical Fibers with Oscillating Dispersion, Invited

Laure Lago, MultiTel Inc, France, Specialty Fibres and Components for Advanced Microscopy, Invited

Joris Lousteau, Politecnico di Torino, Italy, New Developments in Tellurite Glass Fibers, Invited

Claudio Mazzali, Corning Incorporated, United States, The Timing for Specialty Optical Fibers, Invited

Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering, LLC, United States, Specialty Optical Fibers in Biomedical Applications: Needs & Applications, Invited

Tanya Monro, University of Adelaide, Australia, Soft-glass Fibers, Invited

Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University, South Korea, Novel Fiber Designs for Medical Applications, Invited

Anna Peacock, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Semiconductor Core Fibres: A New Platform for Nonlinear Optics? , Invited

Jeff Perkins, Fiberguide Industries Inc, United States, Laser Mode-Control via Fiber Geometry, Invited

Francesco Poletti, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Transmitting Data inside a Hole: Recent Advances in Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Technology, Invited

Roland Ryf, Alcatel-Lucent, United States, Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Transmission over Few-mode Fibers, Invited

Jayanta Sahu, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Specialty Doped Fibres in High Power Lasers, Invited

Markus Schmidt, Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany, Hybrid Fibers: An Innovative base for Plasmonics and Nonlinear Optics, Invited

Axel Schulzgen, University of Central Florida, United States, Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass Fibers, Invited

Frederic Smektala, Universite de Bourgogne, France, Mid-IR Fibers from Various Soft Glasses for Wide Band Sources, Invited

Alessandro Tuniz, University of Sydney, Australia, Fiber Metamaterials: Recent Advances and Outlook, Invited

Organizing Committee

Conference Chair
Walter Margulis, Acreo Swedish ICT, Sweden

International Steering Committee
Christiano de Matos, Mackenzie University, Brazil
John Ballato, Clemson University, USA
Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering Inc, USA
Juan Hernández-Cordero, IIM, UNAM, Mexico
Cristiano M.B. Cordeiro, UNICAMP, Brazil
Liang Dong, Clemson University, USA

Technical Committee

Advances and New Developments in Specialty Fibers
Siddarth Ramachandran, Univ. Boston, USA
Kyunghwan Oh Yonsei, Univ. of S. Korea, South Korea
Lars Norin, Acreo, Sweden
Yves Quiquempois, Lille Univ, France
Sergei L. Semjonov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Igor Bufetov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Jes Broeng, DTU, Denmark

Photonic Crystal Fibers, Microstructured Fibers, and Photonic Bandgap Fibers
Cristiano Cordeiro, Unicamp, Brazil
Jonathan Knight, Univ. of Bath, UK
Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa, CREOL, USA
Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold, NKT Photonics, Denmark
Jayhanta Sahu, ORC Southampton, UK

Fiber Lasers
Liang Dong, Clemson Univ., USA
Lawrence Chen, McGill Univ., Canada
Roy Taylor, Imperial College, UK
Fredrik Laurell, KTH, Sweden
Byoung Yoon Kim, KAIST, South Korea

Novel Materials and New Functions
John Ballato, Clemson Univ., USA
Yoel Fink, MIT, USA
Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Univ. of Adelaide, Australia
Bishnu Pal, IIT, India
Yasuhiro Koike, Keio Univ., Japan
Irina Sorokina, NTNU, Norway
Alexander Argyros, Univ. of Sydney, Australia
Younes Messadeq, Univ. Laval, Canada
Anna Peakock, ORC Southampton, UK

Nonlinear Optics
Christiano de Matos, Mackenzie Univ, Brazil
Miguel Andrés, Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Raman Kashyap, Polytechnic Montreal, Canada
Peter Andrekson, Chalmers University, Sweden
Simon Fleming, Univ Sydney, Australia
John Travers, Max Plank Instit., Germany
John Dudley, Universite de Franche-Comte, France

Special Fiber Components and Applications
Juan Hernández Cordero, UNAM, Mexico
Ismael Torres-Gomez, CIO, Mexico
Chris Xu, Cornell Univ., USA
Benoit Cadier, IXFiber, France
John Canning, Univ. of Sydney, Australia
Nasser Peyghambarian, Univ. Arizona, USA
Gilberto Brambilla, ORC Southampton, UK
Misha Sumetsky, OFS, USA
Ben Eggleton, Univ. of Sydney, Australia
Jacques Albert, Carleton Univ., Canada
Stavros Pissadakis, Forth, Greece

Fiber Sensors
Valerio Pruneri, ICFO, Spain
Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
Jose Luis Santos, INESC, Portugal
Hwayaw Y. Tam, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong
Limin Tong, Zhejiang University, China
Pedro Torres, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Lin Zhang, Aston Univ., UK
Luiz Carlos Guedes, PUC-Rio, Brazil

Industrial Applications
Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering, USA
Adrian Carter, Nufern, USA
David DiGiovanni, OFS, USA
Saeed Rehman, Fibertronix, Sweden
Mohammed Saad, IRPhotonics, Canada
Alain Giraud, Nextrom Fibers, Switzerland
Claudio Mazzali, Corning, USA

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