Optics for Solar Energy (SOLAR)

03 November 2013 – 06 November 2013 OSA Virtual Event

SOLAR 2013 is a meeting in the area of optics for solar energy. The focus on optics includes design, modeling, integration of novel materials, manufacture, testing, deployment in the field, economic considerations, and field results. The goal of this meeting is to bring together the researchers, engineers, and managers developing and using optics for the generation of solar energy and to encourage active discussion. All forms of solar energy generation, transmission, and storage; from thermal to photovoltaic to novel methods will be covered in this forum; as will optics for smart grid applications. The program will highlight the solar energy field through keynote and invited presentations spanning technology, public policy, and financial areas.

Neal R. Armstrong, University of Arizona, United States, Critical Interfaces in Emerging Thin Film Photovoltaic Technologies: From Basic Science to Policy and Economic Issues, plenary

Heinz Frei, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States, Dynamic Spectroscopy – a Critical Tool for Developing Artificial Photosynthesis, plenary

Doug Hall, U.S Department of Energy, United States, Invention and Innovation – Key to keeping Photovoltaic R&D in the United States, plenary

Roger Angel, University of Arizona, United States, Concentrating Optics with Big Glass Mirrors for Inexpensive CPV Generation, Invited

Ardeth Barnhardt, University of Arizona, United States, Current global solar market trends and the emergence of a distributed energy market in the United States and Australia, Invited

Franco Cacialli, University College London, United Kingdom, Solution-preformed P3HT Nanofibres for Efficient "pseudo-bilayer" Solar Cells, Invited

Chih-Hao Chang, North Carolina State University, United States, Bio-Improved Antireflection Nanostructures: Going Beyond the Moth Eye , Invited

Noel Giebink, Pennsylvania State University, United States, Luminescent Manipulation of Sunlight for Photovoltaics and Biofuels, Invited

Stephen Goodnick, Arizona State University, Ultrafast Carrier RelaxationProcesses in Advanced Concept Solar Cells, Invited

Huiyun Liu, University College London, United Kingdom, High-efficient Solar Cells with III-V Nanostructures, Invited

David Miller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States, Durability of Polymeric Encapsulation Materials in a PMMA/glass Concentrating Photovoltaic System, Invited

Jeremy Munday, University of Maryland at College Park, United States, Light Trapping Principles and Limits for Photovoltaics, Invited

Cun-Zheng Ning, Arizona State University, United States, Spatially Composition-Graded Solar Cells for Spectrum-Splitting Photovoltaic Systems, Invited

Adam Plesniak, Amonix, United States, A History of and update on and a Wish List for Optics in CPV, Invited

Myles Steiner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States, Exploiting Internal Optics to Enhance the Performance of III-V Multijunction Solar Cells, Invited

Julius Yellowhair, Sandia National Laboratories, United States, Recent Advances in Optical Tools Development at Sandia for Solar Applications, Invited
Alan Kost, University of Arizona, United States
Raymond Kostuk, University of Arizona, United States

Chih-Hao Chang, North Carolina State University, United States
César Domínguez, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France
Vernie Everett, Australian National University, Australia
Jesse Frantz, US Naval Research Laboratory, United States
Nasser Karam, Boeing Company, United States
Jun Ke, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
John Koshel, Photon Engineering LLC, United States
Ioannis Papakonstantinou, University College London, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Thomsen, Australian National University, Australia
Georgios Veronis, Louisiana State University, United States
Yong-Hang Zhang, Arizona State University, United States
Congress Reception
Join your fellow attendees for the Congress Reception. Enjoy delectable fare while networking. The reception is open to committee/presenting author/student and full conference attendees. Conference attendees may purchase extra tickets for their guest.

Joint Poster Sessions
Posters are an integral part of the technical program and offer a unique networking opportunity, where presenters can discuss their results one-to-one with interested parties. Each author is provided with a 4 ft. × 8 ft. (1.22 m × 2.44 m) board on which to display the summary and results of his or her paper.

General Session with Plenary Speakers

  • Neal R. Armstrong, University of Arizona, USACritical Interfaces in Emerging Thin Film Photovoltaic Technologies: From Basic Science to Policy and Economic Issues
  • Heinz Frei, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, Dynamic Spectroscopy – a Critical Tool for Developing Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Doug Hall, U.S Department of Energy, USAInvention and Innovation – Key to keeping Photovoltaic R&D in the United States

A Discussion on the Future Areas for Funding and Research for Solar
Sponsored by the OSA Optics for Energy Technical Group

The panel will discuss new directions in research for solar energy and possible funding sources. It will include a panelist from DOE and NREL, and industrial representative from Amonix and SOLON. The panel discussion will be guided to make it of general interest to all Congress attendees.

  • Harry Atwater, Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech, USA
  • Ken Baldwin, Australian National Univ. Energy Change Institute, Australia
  • Matthew Fraser, Arizona State Univ./QESST, USA
  • Adam Plesniak, Amonix, USA
  • Andru Prescod, DOE CSP Program, USA
  • Bill Richarson, SOLON, USA

Topics Categories

  • Optical design and fabrication of low, medium, and high concentration ratio concentrating systems
  • Optical and energy yield modeling of photovoltaic and thermal solar energy conversion systems
  • Spectrum splitting concentrating and filtering systems for photovoltaic and bio fuel production
  • Optical materials for packaging of photovoltaic modules and systems
  • Diffractive and holographic optical systems for enhanced performance photovoltaic, thermal, and chemical solar conversion systems
  • Optical interfacing to nanostructured photovoltaic systems
  • Optical light trapping for photovoltaic systems
  • Optical design of novel planar photovoltaic and dye concentrators
  • Conformal optics for flexible photovoltaic packages
  • Optical designs for building integrated photovoltaic and solar lighting applications
  • Optics for smart grid applications

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