An OIDA/CIAN Workshop sponsored by IPIC and Go!Foton

19 March 2017
Petree Hall, Los Angeles  Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Integrated photonics presents significant opportunities to develop compact and highly functional systems for a range of communication and sensor applications. However, it has unique manufacturing challenges which can limit its commercial exploitation. These challenges are most apparent during the transition from research prototyping to product development and volume manufacture, often referred to as ‘the valley of death’.
  • This workshop will focus on applications for integrated photonics and the manufacturing challenges related to these applications; from product design, device fabrication, integration and packaging, through to test and reliability. Although most applications present their own unique design and manufacturing challenges, this workshop will identify common themes where users can meet their unique set of requirements within a standardized design and manufacturing framework.
  • The workshop will include presentations on the move to design standards and implementation of design rules, standardized device fabrication processes (eg. MPW runs), packaging formats, and system test protocols.
  • The workshop will also present case studies which highlight the development cycle for integrated photonic products; from initial design, through to prototyping and scale-up to volume manufacture.
  • In addition, a number of foundry service providers will give an overview of their capabilities, including design, fabrication, packaging and test services.
The workshop is targeted at companies and innovators considering or already investing in integrated photonics to meet their future product requirements, and who need to understand key manufacturing challenges and how they can be addressed.
Key questions to be addressed:
  • What supply chain, manufacturing, and packaging challenges are common across applications?
  • What common or standardized elements exist across applications?
  • What resources are available and how can gaps be filled?

"This was my first workshop and I will definitely attend again based on the knowledge and contacts made today". Irene Sterian, REMAP

Organizing Committee

Tom Hausken, OSA, Chair
Peter O'Brien, IPIC, Ireland, Chair
Liam Barry, Dublin City  University, Ireland
Robert Cannistra, Marist College, USA
Dan Kilper, CIAN, USA
Shayan Mookherjea, University of California, San Diego, USA
Nasser Peyghambarian, CIAN, USA