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Mentor Match

This mentorship program is designed to connect students with professionals in optics and photonics as a way to assist students with overcoming challenges they face in their careers. Participants are able to choose from a variety of different discussion topics including:

  • Technical Support
    • Guidance pertaining to my career path and goals as a scientist
    • Support with identifying and applying for relevant research grants
    • Support with identifying and applying to conferences relevant to my research
    • Support with identifying graduate school programs relevant to my research
  • Professional Development Support
    • Guidance on communicating my research effectively
    • Information on various career paths in optics (academia, industry, nonprofit, government, etc.)
    • Support with building and leveraging a network of individuals to achieve my goals
    • Assistance with creating an effective resume or CV
    • Support with understanding the dynamics of a workplace and how to achieve success after university
  • Navigating Personal Challenges
    • Guidance on maintaining work/life balance and overcoming stress
    • Support with navigating challenges associated with diversity and inclusion
    • Advice on collaborating effectively with people from around the world
    • Support with navigating a career through parenthood

For mentees:

  • Be an active Optica Member
  • Be a student at the undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. level
  • Have a current Optica student membership

For mentors:

  • Have a degree and background in physics
  • Have a current Optica membership
  • Be willing to provide insight on the above topics for mentees

For mentees and mentors:

For mentees:

For mentors: 

Join the program

To become a mentor or mentee with Mentor Match, feel free to contact us at Share information about yourself and your interest in joining Mentor Match, and we'll promptly send you a link to complete your profile. We look forward to connecting with you!


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