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Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellowship



Term: 2022-2023
Clara Tibbetts

Clara Tibbetts (she/her/hers) graduated with her PhD from the Chemistrheadshot_Tibbetts_(1).jpgy Department at Colorado State University. She uses ultrafast lasers to study questions in the fields of energy storage and renewable energy generation. For example, she studies electrolyte solutions used in different applications including lithium or sodium ion batteries. Specifically, she has investigated the roles different materials play in determining device lifetimes and efficiency.

Beyond the lab, Clara is passionate about science policy and communication and believe that scientists have an obligation to effectively communicate our research to the public and policymakers. During graduate school she was president of the CSU Science in Action group and led a team of graduate student leaders in policy related activities and worked to build relationships with local policymakers and graduate students. She was also involved in other organizations focused on science communication and student advocacy. For example, she has been an organizer for the Rocky Mountain ComSciCon, was a leadership fellow with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability and is currently a student representative with the CSU Graduate Center for Inclusive Mentoring.


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