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U.S. Capitol Hill Visits

Communicate with your US representatives and senators by meeting with them and their staffs in Washington, DC

U.S. Capitol Hill Visits


Throughout the year, Optica offers its members the opportunity to communicate directly with U.S. senators and representatives. These meetings give the scientific community a voice in the halls of U.S. Congress, calling on elected officials to recognize the importance of science and technology, keep federal research and development funding levels consistent and sustainable and support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs. Optica organizes the meetings, from scheduling individual appointments to providing participants with detailed background information and talking points.

On 1 March 2023, Optica and its National Photonics Initiative partners held a Congressional Visits Day to discuss the importance of federal investments in science, development of a stable and sustainable STEM workforce, and the Congressional Optics & Photonics Caucus.  Read more.

On 28 September, Optica organized a Congressional Visits Day to discuss the Keep STEM Talent Act, science funding, and the Congressional Optics & Photonics Caucus.

Next Optica Congressional Visits Day

The next Optica Congressional Visits Day will likely take place in the Spring 2024.  Details will be announced once a date is selected.

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Photos from Past Virtual and In-Person Capitol Hill Meetings:





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