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Sample Reference Statements

Business Leadership

  • They parlayed their deep basic knowledge of lasers and materials into a multi-billion-dollar company that has moved the enterprise of laser technology forward to the profound benefit of the laser science and manufacturing communities.

  • Founded in YEAR, the company now has revenues in excess of $XX and over XXX employees.

  • Their background and career path is quite remarkable.  Today, their company has over 500 employees with products spanning multiples areas of optics. These impressive accomplishments are a testament to his exceptional talent as an entrepreneur.

  • Through strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and their guiding role as a business angel in new technological ventures, their impact as a technical leader has been profound.

Engineering, Application and Development

  • I think it is safe to say that almost every single researcher in this community has at least some equipment in their laboratory with their distinct imprint on it.

  • They have repeatedly demonstrated an outstanding ability to transform results of optics and laser research into high-class products.

  • It is highly noteworthy that they have shown their excellent capability to design and manufacture specialty optical fibers so that they can be used as a fundamental platform to develop new markets. It is very valuable achievement to turn design ideas into real products and further develop new photonic markets, which deserves fair recognition.

  • Within the development labs of the industrial environment provided by COMPANY XX has been able to express themselves through the design of a wide range of commercial laser-based products. In all of this activity they have shown themselves to be adept at appreciating and responding to the equipment-related needs and aspirations of an extensive set of customers and this has been achieved through a continuation of their hybridised scientific and technical skills. Their engineering accomplishments have been many and varied but all have carried their hallmark of ‘novelty with practicality’. 

Engineering and Science Research

  • As indicated by their credentials, XX  is a well accomplished veteran in the fields of lasers and optoelectronics.  Their outstanding technical contributions are demonstrated by their more than XX issued US patents in the laser fields. 

  • They are very well known for their ground-breaking contributions in the field of XX. In particular, they has made seminal contributions to the developments of XX.  This concept has since become widely adopted by researchers around the world. The initial paper on this concept has been cited over 500 times since its publication.

  • Because of the great potential and uniqueness of optical technologies pioneered and developed by Dr. XX, their technologies are now used in the United States and abroad in a variety of applications ranging from biomedical to earth science.

  • They have a rare ability to discern opportunities for collaborative work and then has made a special effort to nurture such collaborations many of which have been in Europe – again requiring a considerable commitment on her part in fostering such relations.

Technical Leadership

  • In the field of optical telecommunications they have shown strong capability both in technical expertise and community services for tens of years. XX has driven advancement of optical network architectures and system technologies in the global communication giant and guided optical network system vendors and e/o component vendors to develop the “right” products to meet network service providers’ needs. They are a valuable bridge to link advanced research in the field to real world network applications.

  • The impact of their contributions reaches therefore well beyond DoD applications. In fact, the tremendous breath of their significant accomplishments, spread across all aspects of imaging and optical sensing systems, is noteworthy. Their achievements span hardware and software innovations and technology advances that range from acquisition, to processing and display of images. This is a very remarkable feat.

  • They have served the optical community for several decades through their technical leadership, technical contributions, editing, and conference organization. Regarding their technical leadership, XX has contributed extensively in the area of electro-optical sensing. They have a proven record of bridging technical and organizational boundaries to create new solutions, new directions and new opportunities. Their technical leadership also extends to their employment at COMPANY where they manage four R&D departments totaling 100+ scientists and engineers performing basic and applied research as well as direct program support in the areas of energy technology, microelectronics and photonics.


  • They have been a strong supporter of changes to improve physics education in universities and schools. They have set an example for outstanding teaching  and influenced the culture of teaching at their University and more broadly. They have worked tirelessly, and with success, on the topic of gender equity and has never been shy in advocating improvements.

  • They have played a significant role in service to their community and profession. They have lead Youth Empowerment efforts, for which they received the highest honors and served on numerous regional, national, and international programs to promote optical science, entrepreneurship, and advanced research and development.

  • They are a devoted mentor and educator. They have contributed to advancing knowledge and broadening the dissemination of science in general and optics and photonics in general to inspire and engage groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the field of optics. They have nurtured over XX graduate students.

Volunteer/Professional Service

  • When I google for some term or a technical detail that escapes my memory, every so often I end up on the web pages of their online encyclopedia – and I guess many of us share that experience. They have created an amazing resource there: The content is always well researched, and the sheer volume of hundreds of articles is astonishing, considering it is the work of a single author who must put in lots of his time to provide this for-free service to the optics research community. 

  • They were instrumental in organizing and promoting the International Year of Light as representative of XX and implemented a number of highly valued public engagement activities, such as XX and XX.

  • X shows strong leadership in optics community. In past decade, they have served the community through many roles in committees of the XX Conference.  They have been involved in setting the direction and planning aspects of CONFERENCE and maintained continued industry involvement in the conference. They have served in over XX distinct roles in the conference and has been particularly successful in proposing and implementing new topic areas for the conference.

  • They have worked tirelessly to serve the scientific community, in optics and beyond. Special examples include major efforts to promote opportunities for women in Physics, regular participation in activities of Optica and other societies and organizations, and extensive conference organization activities.

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