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Optica Online Industry Meeting: OLEDs and MicroLEDs

21 November, 2023
Online Event - Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Igor Nakonechnyi

QustomDot, Founder and Director, CPO

About the Speaker
QustomDot is a Ghent University spin-off developing QD color conversion technology for next-generation displays. QustomDot's main focus is MicroLED displays. Despite MicroLED's potential, the absence of commercially viable, full-color displays is due to high production costs and inefficient red microLEDs. QustomDot addresses this challenge by tailoring its solutions to customers' manufacturing processes, ensuring affordability and efficiency in microLED production. This patented technology, free of heavy metals, endures high light intensities, offering a dependable and sustainable solution. QustomDot has secured EUR 4.8 million in venture capital and EUR 5.2 million in grants, enabling 5 active partnerships in the industry.
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