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Optica Quantum 2.0 Conference and Exhibition

News and Updates

News from Optica and other organizations related to this meeting.

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Researchers demonstrate direct comparison of spin-squeezed optical lattice clocks at 10^-17

A research team reports the first direct observations of an optical-lattice clock operating below the classical QPN limit.

Added: 15 June 2023

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Light-matter entanglement demonstrated over 50-kilometer of metropolitan fiber link

Research paves the way to fully independent quantum nodes that could enable a quantum internet.

Added: 24 May 2023

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Researchers use nuclear spins neighboring a lanthanide atom in a crystal to create Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger quantum state

Work represents an important step in experimentally controlling complex quantum systems.

Added: 23 May 2023

Optica’s Quantum 2.0 to uncover quantum technologies and latest applications

At the Optica Quantum 2.0 Conference and Exhibition, engineers, scientists, researchers and invited speakers across the quantum field will come together to address challenges facing the quantum information science and technology community.

Added: 25 Apr 2023

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Pioneers in Quantum, including 2022 Nobel Laureates, to headline Optica’s Quantum 2.0 Conference

Optica's Quantum 2.0 Nobel Symposium will feature the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics laureates Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, who will speak on the past and future of quantum.

Added: 12 April 2023

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