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Optica Quantum 2.0 Conference and Exhibition

Topic Categories

SC1 - Quantum Computing & Simulation

  • Quantum algorithms and software
  • Validation and error correction
  • Atomic qubits (neutrals and ions)
  • Spin and charge qubits in solid-state systems
  • Optical quantum dot qubits defined by impurities or other defects
  • Superconducting quantum circuitry
  • Optical- and microwave-controlled qubits
  • Optomechanical quantum systems
  • All-Optical quantum processing systems
  • Novel platforms and materials

SC2 – Quantum Communications

  • Quantum Internet
  • Quantum repeaters
  • Quantum optical memory
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Quantum-enabling networking technologies
  • New applications of quantum networks: e.g., quantum astrometry, quantum network sensing, distributed quantum computing
  • Free-Space entanglement distribution
  • Deep space communication
  • Quantum enhanced measurements (clocks and geodesy, gravitational waves, VLBI)

SC3 - Quantum Photonic Sources & Detectors

  • Discrete (single- and multi-photon) sources
  • Continuous-variable quantum optical sources 
  • Discrete and continuous-variable optical detectors
  • Theory of quantum detection & measurement

SC4 - Lasers, Optics, Integrated Photonics and Interconnects

  • All-optical (passive) implementations
  • Matter-Mediated (active) implementations
  • Lasers & optical frequency combs
  • Laser beam modulation and control
  • Photon detection electronics
  • Electronics and software for QIST control systems
  • Qubit transduction and interconversion
  • Photonic quantum frequency conversion
  • Quantum photon-device impedance matching

SC5 - Quantum Sensors, Metrology and New Scientific Horizons

  • Time crystals
  • Applications of QIST in high-energy physics
  • Applications of QIST in biology
  • Matter-Based quantum-enhanced sensors: e.g., magnetic and electric field sensors, gravimeters, accelerometers and clocks
  • Light-Based sensors: e.g., quantum-enhanced imaging, spectroscopy and ranging

SC6 - Quantum Ecosystems - Show Floor Programming Only

  • Applications of QIST in finance
  • Venture capital in QIST
  • QIST startups highlights
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