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Olga Sachkouskaya

Product Manager, Brooks Automation

The Role of the Product Manager

Dive into the multifaceted role of a Product Manager within the corporate structure. Explore the essential skills and attributes required, uncover exciting career prospects, and understand the pivotal role Product Managers play in driving innovation, collaborating with R&D, and bridging the gap between sales/marketing and customer needs.

About the Speaker
In the intricate world of technical innovation, few roles carry as much significance and complexity as that of a Product Manager. This role requires not just an understanding of cutting-edge technologies but also the finesse to orchestrate interdisciplinary talents. Olga has had the privilege of working as a Product Manager for advanced technology products, serving both the semiconductor and life science industries. What truly motivates her is her unique position at the intersection of engineering and business—a less conventional path, but one she finds deeply fulfilling, especially since most people tend to lean toward either pure engineering or business-oriented roles. Olga's track record includes work in optical metrology for contact lenses, developing inspection and automation systems for wafers and photomasks, creating high-precision photolithography mirrors, and advancing optical modules for DNA sequencing systems. With an academic background in Physics and Optics, she quickly rose through the engineering ranks to reach a pivotal role in product management. Olga's contributions earned her a nomination within the SPIE Women in Optics community. Her profile was chosen to be featured in the 2024 Optics Planner, with over 7,000 copies to be distributed in 25 countries worldwide. Additionally, an online version will be accessible on the SPIE Women in Optics website. During her leisure time, you’ll often find Olga at the ice rink, baseball field, or volleyball court, watching her two high school-aged children engage in these sports. She also takes pleasure in global travel and reading.
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