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Amy Sullivan

Technical Content Manager, Thorlabs

Negotiation Skills

We will discuss a balanced approach to negotiation, so you can feel confident navigating the workplace, from initial salary discussions to everyday workplace conversations.

About the Speaker

Amy Sullivan is a Technical Content Manager in Marketing at Thorlabs. She earned her BA at Bates College, and her MS and PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado. She has held a variety of research and engineering positions in industry, mostly at smaller startup companies. She has also been a tenure-track professor, and taught at a variety of institutions, including a community college, liberal arts college, and major research university. She has worked on atomic physics, liquid crystal applications, built lasers for laser radar systems, and done materials development and characterization for structured light and augmented reality systems as well as teaching students from middle school to PhD level. Her current role at Thorlabs utilizes her broad range of technical knowledge, teaching experience, and negotiation skills.

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