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25 May 2024


The 2023 "Big Challenges Webinar"

10 January 2023

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

For Photonics, the new year dawns with vast opportunity tempered by substantial obstacles. Each week seems to bring new approaches and applications, from the first real rollout of autonomous vehicles, to novel virtual reality and augmented reality uses, to new forms of computing using photons and quantum physics, to ubiquitous sensors and cameras and other contributors to the world’s mounting flood of data. All in all, the production of photonic devices must increase by three orders of magnitude in the next few years. We must confront how to scale our industry to build and test the novel devices and assemblies that will make all this possible. In this webinar, we consider some fundamental requirements that have emerged, including large-area requirements for localizing, characterizing, optimizing and tracking optical component positions for test and packaging. Groundbreaking new technology addresses this, allowing fast processing of trays, carriers, circuit boards, and other large substrates. With throughputs as much as one hundred times faster than legacy technologies, this architecture is emerging as an enabler as the industry confronts the massive opportunities--and challenges -- of 2023 and beyond.

WHO WILL BENEFIT: Systems engineers, optomechanical designers, and anyone who employs precision motion systems for automated alignment, test, measurement, precision assembly, and optimization tasks. Engineers or researchers working with photonics, fiber optics, cameras, sensors, lasers, LEDs, MicroLEDs, or nanophotonics used in applications for aerospace, defense, machine vision, or semiconductors.

About Our Speaker: Scott Jordan, PI (Physik Instrumente)

Scott Jordan is Emeritus, head of photonics for PI (Physik Instrumente) LP and is a PI fellow. A physicist with an MBA in finance/new ventures, Jordan has made multiple contributions to the fields of photonics alignment automation, precision motion control, and optimization technologies.

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